Chapter 48


Gu Jiao was excited she was going to visit Li Jun in the capital right now it was vacation and her big brother promise to show her around in the capital because next year she would be studying here along side him.

Li Jun was dissatisfied with their arrangement right now. She was in the C city while he was far away in the capital. Li Jun had firmly decided to apply on a local college and stay in C city but the elders at home panic and convince him, Li Jun wouldn’t bulged at first, Wang Fang was the one who had seen the real reason why Li Jun don’t want to go to the capital.

Wang Fang persuade Gu Jiao to talked to her brother and convince him he told her that Li Jun don’t want to study at the capital because he worries about her being bullied but in truth Wang Fang knew that Li Jun’s sickness, Sis-con complex, was just being triggered. ¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯

Gu Jiao was dumbstruck because of Li Jun’s reason, she persuaded her big brother to study in the capital or else Gu Fan would think of scheming and no peace would come to them. Li Jun was stubborn and won’t agree in the end Gu Jiao compromise by promising of going to capital every weekend to be with Li Jun or vice versa…

Gu Jiao excitement can be felt in the whole dining room her cute little brother Li Qiang was in a bad mood, his big sister was being grab by that brother, a frown and a pout was on his face. 

Gu Jiao:”Good Morning brother Qiang’er did you sleep wee?.” she smiled extra sweetly. (^ω^)

Li Qiang narrowed his eyes, he knows those smile very well because he was sure those smile was meant for their big brother his mood turned more sour.

Gu Jiao:”Brother you be nice while I was gone ok? You have to behave.”(^▽^)

Li Qiang just turned to his side and said:”Big sister don’t love Qiang’er anymore your going away again and won’t play with me.” ಠ╭╮ಠ

Gu Jiao scratch her head, she don’t know why this little brother of her was always in a bad mood when either Li Jun was here or her going away. Her two brothers aren’t in the best of terms. They fought silently with knives in their words. If Li Jun and Li Qiang are both in one place Gu Jiao was squeeze in two big rocks in the end she was the one who would have to compromise to settle their raging mood.

Gu Jiao:”Brother if you listen to me I’ll play with you when I got back ok.” She decided to compromise.

Li Qiang face turned black, he turned his head to the side and continued to sulk.

Gu Fan:”Why don’t you just bring Little Qiang with you so he won’t sulk anymore and you three siblings would bound together.” and was smiling innocently

Gu Jiao frowned looking at Gu Fan and observing her, she was still doubtful with her mother even though she stop scheming in the passed few years, there was still this uncomfortable feeling in her heart. But looking at Gu Fan she can’t think of anything that she could achieve in letting Qiang’er go with her.

Li Qiang:”Big sister please bring me with you.” with a begging puppy eyes. ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。

Gu Jiao:”Alright! But you have to behave and listen to me!” or else big brother will kill me… (T_T) 

Li Qiang:”Yey! Big sister is the best!”

Gu Jiao thought that it would be much better to bring little Qiang along so he could be far away from her as possible. Gu Jiao agreed to bring Qiang with her and pack there belongings, they would be staying in the capital for a month to accompany Li Jun and would go home with him after all his errands be completed.

Gu Jiao was talking to Li Qiang didn’t notice the smile Gu Fan grace in her face. 

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