Chapter 47


The three eat the breakfast in silence with their own thoughts. But soon it was broken by the arrival of Li Cheng and Gu Fan.

Although their appearance is appropriate their looks and aura is inappropriate if you look closely their clothes were a little unkempt.

Gu Jiao was somehow puzzle on what’s happening if she looks closely she was sure something big happen. Li Jun had a frown in his face and old man Li’s face turns more ugly.

The days continue to pass by after that Gu Jiao was still depressed Li Jun was having a hard time to coax her. He got even more overprotective and followed her all the time.

After a few weeks a news leave Gu Jiao shell shocked. During the breakfast, while eating Li Cheng announced that Gu Fan was pregnant. Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes and look at Gu Fan strangely. She was both happy and puzzle, she was clear she didn’t do anything and she might have change the future outcome and her little darling brother would not be born. She didn’t think to much and excitedly make a fuss about Gu Fan being pregnant. Li Jun observe her the whole time and was just relieved that she was now happy, maybe she was sad seeing her family not getting along well. Li Jun eyes darken, Gu Fan just make sure you continue to behave like this and not hurt the family specially your daughter or I won’t show any mercy.

Looking at Gu Jiao who bounced back to an energetic girl, Li Jun just stayed silent. Li Cheng was somehow nervous about the kids reaction specially giving attention on Li Jun’s attitude towards tge news when he saw he didn’t react at all and his little princess was happy, Li Cheng sighed in relief.

Gu Fan face darken observing everything. ‘Humph you just wait and see Li Jun this child would be a boy and you won’t have anything when this child was born I’ll make sure that everything be ours and nothing would be left for you in the future.’

Li Wei was in a complicated mood having a grandchild that was born inside the family and if the child was born a boy then that would be a blessing. But he was unsatisfied with the mother although Gu Fan had tone down he could see that sometimes her eyes would have this fleeting nasty look. He was sure of it would be too noticeable if she’s looking at Li Jun.

Li Wei just gave Gu Fan a profound look at the that time, let’s wait and see after the child was born what kind of scheme were you planning.

Gu Jiao who was just relieved and happy was unaware of all the thoughts brewing around her. She was just so happy that she could pamper her little darling brother again in this life, she would make sure Gu Fan would never be able to use him in her scheme to hurt other people.

When the she was about to sleep Gu Jiao was a little puzzle now that she calms down she was now in a clear mind. She was sure she was not the one who drugged Li Cheng and was sure that he was drug because he heard the adults talking about this matter awhile ago after they ate lunch. She vaguely heard her father and grandfather talking about what happen in the party. And she was surprise because to learn that Gu Fan was not the one who schemed with Li Cheng she was sure that in the last life her mother was the one who did it. What’s going on?

Gu Jiao knows that Gu Fan is not that smart and would leave some evidence that could point her action, then who did it?

Gu Jiao didn’t know that in the previous life the drug that she delivered to her father was already tampered by Li Jun before the drink drug by Gu Fan reach Her hand. She became the scapegoat not only by her mother but of some else too. That’s why in the previous life she was scolded senseless because of this mishap.

Gu Jiao was a little scared of the future did she do all this for her to end up dying like in the previous life. Even if she didn’t involve herself with the drugging her father, her brother was still concive. Is the future unchangeable that even if she tried her best she was still going to die?

Gu Jiao then decide to just wait and see what the future holds, although she felt helpless of what’s about to happen in the future, she’ll just continue her original plan of leaving the household after saving enough to live on her own. That night Gu Jiao was so restless until she has fallen as sleep. Li Jun was distressed again for his little sister. 

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