Chapter 46


Seven years had already passed, Gu Jiao’s was already a high schooler while Li Jun as now a college student in the capital. Many had change in the last few years. Li Jun and Gu Jiao had gone closer to each other both of them continued their routine of waking up in each other arms going to school eating in a secluded place or in the school body president office when Li Jun was still studying in the same school as her.

Gu Fan didn’t take a move at all, Gu Jiao was a little doubtful about this at first but she really doesn’t remember much when she was young in the previous life it was like a blur only some important event that had happen leaves mark on her. Some events she recalled thru de javu events, that when it happens it was the only time she will recall it.

When Gu Jiao was ten, Li Qiang was added as a new member of the family. Gu Jiao was so happy when Li Qiang was born, Li Wei was also delighted although he is not fond of his mother, he somehow give him a little face. Li Qiang was born when Li Cheng was scheme in a party by his enemy Gu Fan who didn’t make a move for a long period of time takes this opportunity to seduce Li Cheng.

That night Li Qiang was created. Li Cheng was in a complicated mood when he learned what happen. Li Wei at first suspect Gu Fan of drugging his son but when he inspected everything nothing came up, he know Gu Fan is not that cautious. Li Cheng just advice that it’s not inappropriate that he touch his wife, they were married after all. 

Gu Jiao was a little doubtful about this turns of event in her past life she clearly remember that when she was ten, Gu Fan was so frustrated because her scheme didn’t really bare-fruit at all, she clearly remember that after that night of the party Li Cheng’s attitude towards them became colder because Gu Fan was the one who drug him because she was the one who gave the drugged drink to Li Cheng. That time she didn’t understand at all she was still young and just follow around what Gu Fan instruct her. Li Wei scornfully scold them for being scheme bitch both mother and daughter being accomplice, Li Jun just gave them the disdainful look. Her mother that time dig her a pit saying she was innocent that her, Gu Jiao was the one who was deceive by others in the party, she, Gu Fan was not the one who drug the drink but the enemy among the guest.

Gu Jiao remember how scared she was that time when Gu Fan gave her a threatening glare to nod as agreement, she cried whining that she didn’t know anything. She was scold by everyone that she bring calamity to them by endangering her father, that what id that drink is poison and not just an ecstasy drug. She was labeled as a dumb child being easily deceive by anyone. Even the servants in the household that time gave her a hard time in the house.

Gu Jiao during the party in this lifetime was in a complicated situation although she wants Li Qiang to be born she don’t want to drug her father and if she really bring that drink to her father she is afraid her hard work on gaining Li Jun trust would definitely shattered. During the party, she was thorn on what should she do. The party has ended with her being unable to participate at all, Li Jun got worried on her daze look that was on her all the time, he thought that she was having stomach problem and led Gu Jiao home. 

Gu Jiao was depressed because her little Qiang was in danger of not grazing the world with her in this lifetime, she regretted not doing anything but she to knows that she will regret on putting her father in danger the whole night Gu Jiao cried in her sleep, Li Jun thought that she had a problem or that she was hurt , he panic all night. He coax her to sleep, he keeps asking what happen she could tell anything to him. 

Gu Jiao just shook her head she  just laid on Li Jun’s embrace until she was tired and had fallen sleep. She didn’t know she put Li Jun in great distressed that he instructed every person under him to investigate what happen in the party, if anyone bullied his little sister without his knowing, he didn’t fall asleep from worrying about Gu Jio.

When morning comes the whole Li household was in a gloomy state the elder, Li Wei has a sour expression on his face. Gu Jiao has a depressed look, while Li Jun had a worried expression. He can’t understand why was his little sister was so depressed, no had bullied her in the party according to the report that was given to him by his people. He was also sure that during the entire party he was beside her all the time as to not give the others a chance to bully her or make the other have a chance to gossip about the illegitimate daughter of the Li family. 

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