Chapter 45


Gu Jiao live for the next few months in a low-profile manner. She gave her all keeping her identity hidden, not leaking even a little bit of information regarding her family to her classmate, even if the teacher gave her some ‘special care’ she just ignores it looking like a dumb girl who doesn’t know anything. After the incident in the cafeteria it was a good thing no one saw her face clearly, Li Jun attracted all the student’s attention towards him not her. And it was a blessing in disguise that she carries the surname Gu and not Li. Or else a repeat of the previous life will be made.

Before when she entered school during the first day, she dumbly ranted that she was a member of the Li family making all her classmate look up to her and gaining the unwanted attention of the other prominent family kids in the class. In the end she was push in doing scheme to help these kids to her brother making her fragile standing on the family collapse totally just a few months in the family.

Don’t be fooled by this kids’ angelic faces some already were aware of their standing in the society and was already forming connection to those who are in the same status as them. The parents were already instructing them as early as now to who should they mingle with and who was they should not get close to. Gu Fan was busy right now with Li Cheng. No one paid attention to her specially Gu Fan who’s busy running around here and there.

Before because of her careless and big mouth he let herself entered the lion’s mouth and offered herself to a pack of wolves that are thirsty for blood from the other family. But in this life, she did everything she could just to live in a low-key manner, even making Li Jun wait in a secluded place to eat lunch together. Occasionally Wang Fang would come and join them but most of the time it was just the two of them. Her brother didn’t ask anything about this, and to that she was relieve maybe Li Jun doesn’t also want to be bother by this.

At last it was the advancement examination day for Gu Jiao she was excited she’s going to skip a grade d@mn! Her endurance sitting with these hypocritical brats was already wearing thin, give her a few more days and she’ll go crazy.

During the examination Gu Jiao drained her brain just to answer everything and get the appropriate score for skipping a grade. The exam result would be out in a few more days that’s why she pretends to be sick to stay at home and not attend the class until the result were out and she was put on the other class. Li Jun was somewhat dissatisfied with her being sick because it became a habit to eat with her during lunch. But knowing her laziness to study he just let her be.

The old once were worried about her condition there this one time that the whole house was in panic when she was in a high fever making Li Wei reprimand Gu Fan to the nth heaven and Li Cheng dissatisfied with her. Gu Fan was so displeased with her that when no once was watching she purposely let her suffer by hurting her thru scolding and holding her to tight that leaves mark in some part of her body.

How did she get sick, well of course it was her fault in the first place, Gu Jiao voluntarily let herself soak in a cold water for a few hours while taking a bath. It was her desperation to skip class, but it was not her intention to make everyone panic. Now she was truly sick, and her body hurt because of her mother. She was really pitiful. (lll-ω-)

Li Jun saw the whole ordeal with Gu Fan hurting Gu Jiao and keep the record video in store. He takes it in his own hand to care for Gu Jiao when he was home.

Gu Fan was also in high alert and was observing Li Jun’s action towards Gu Jiao. 

When the result are out Gu Jiao had gone back to school for re-introduction for her new class, she was now a grade 4th grader. The same as before Gu Jiao just kept to herself in class and didn’t really mind her classmates. She still continue her routine eating in a secluded place eating with Li Jun.

Gu Jiao was unaware that a small wind was brewing in to a bigger storm.

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