Chapter 44


Li Jun coax the trembling sobbing rabbit who was scared out of her wits. His sister really was easily scared and was a bundle of accident he can’t relax if he was not beside Gu Jiao. Worrying if something already happen to her without his knowing .

Gu Jiao:”Brother.” she pitiful called Li Jun.

Li Jun:”There… There… Stop crying already, look you’ll turn ugly.” He was still busy clearing Gu Jiao’s tear out of her face. Gu Jiao’s red faces was so cute that he unconsciously started kissing her face and licking her tears away.

[Author: Are you a dog? My dog does that to me when I cry!

Li Jun:”…………      Just shut up!]

Wang Fang stood frozen on his spot. His friend was really kidnap by the alien and was replace by this maniac loli-con b@stard. Wang Fang can’t believe how Li Jun can naturally coax the little angel and eat its tofu unnoticed. Does anyone have the courage to stop this maniac, the poor little angel was already full of saliva from the devil.

Wang Fang while watching the two in front of him who was in their own little world gave a little cough to catch their attention.

Li Jun was busily kissing and licking….? Oh He means coaxing the little one when a cough was heard from the side, seeing Wang Fang was the one who disturb him a displease face was etch on his face making Wang Fang frightened.

Gu Jiao:”Brother? Who is he?”

Li Jun:”No one… Did you hurt anywhere? Let brother see… I’ll blow the pain away.”

Gu Jiao:”Oh… Nothing hurt, brother save me, your my hero!” then she gave Li Jun a loud kiss on the cheeks.

Li Jun’s mood that turned black has returned to normal and a small heart was floating on the air.

Wang Fang was speechless, who’s no one! I’m your dear friend you know! I know all your stinky secret, do you want me to exposed it to your little angel. But the two in front of him busily return to their small world. And the small heart that floats on the air, he was the only one who can see it. Wang Fang just let his self in. And sat beside the bed where Li Jun was coaxing the little angel sat.

Wang Fang:”Hello little angel are you ok?”

Gu Jiao who was coax to the fullest look at the teenager beside them, this boy looks familiar…. She tilt her head on one-side and observe Wang Fang from head to toe searching her mind where this handsome youth’s face match.

Wang Fang saw Gu Jiao cute antics cant help to reach out and pinch her cheeks. Gu Jiao was surprise by Wang Fang sudden action, she immediately slap his hand and turned to Li Jun looking at her with wronged eyes that was about to cry again, as if saying “brother he bullied me”.

Li Jun eyes turns chilly towards Wang Fang. Wang Fang narrowed his eyes with a look of “your sister is so cute can’t really blame me”. Li Jun lift her again to his other side away from Wang Fang, this b@stard is so selfish when it comes to this cute sister. D@mn I just want to poke a little bit.

Gu Jiao peek a little to look at Wang Fang and suddenly remember him. Wang Fang saw her peeking out from Li Jun’s side wave and smiled at her.

Gu Jiao knew that he was Li Jun’s close friend and one of his confidante. Wang Fang who was the young master of the Wang Family from the capital and one of the people who constantly revealed her scheme from the former life. Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes but she still wave her little paws slightly.

Wang Fang saw her small action and thought what a shy little doll. Li Jun furrow his brow and look at Wang Fang with a threatening gaze. Wang Fangs survival instinct kick in and retract his hand immediately.

Li Jun:”This is Wang Fang he is my friend. If he bullies you just tell me.”

Wang Fang:”….” d@mn when did I bullied your sister. That angel was so cute how can I bully her.

Li Jun called at home to inform them that they are going home early, Gu Jiao was given a fright. Gu Fan was the one who fetched them, even though Li Jun didn’t want to be with this woman he can’t really avoid her forever specially having Gu Jiao as a bridge between them.

Gu Fan’s eyes give a meaningful look to Li Jun. A sinister smile pass on her beautiful face. She let the two ride the car and took them home.

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