Chapter 43


Wang Fang is in great dilemma how to stop this people from approaching Li Jun, he was the most clear what would happen here if Li Jun snapped, hell will freeze and no one will be save from this hell.

Wang Fang can feel that the air on the garden was already turning to zero degree. Looking at Li Jun who was still striving to reach his goal, even with this many people who are on his way Li Jun sure had the tenacity for his sister. He prays that an angel would come to heaven to save them, mortals from this great gods warth.

While Wang Fang was busy praying for his life, Li Jun already reach the primary school building. Suddenly and angelic small voice was heard from above Wang Fang.

Wang Fang’s prayer was heard and answered, a small cute angel really descended from the stairs. Li Jun heard a small cry of ‘brother’ among this noisy, he easily detected that small sweet voice from his back, he quickly turned, seeing that surprised face his mood had improve tremendously.

Gu Jiao:”Brother?” While slowly descending the stairs to go to the cafeteria. She was surprised to see her great god here. ‘What is he doing here?’ Due to her mind being occupied Gu Jiao slip in her step-down the stairs, she came flying down and was about to fall face first.

Wang Fang was brought back to reality and everyone was holding their breath waiting for the inevitable for the angels tragic descend. Li Jun’s heart suddenly stop beating, his body unconsciously move, the only thing that was on his mind was to save his baby princess who was about to get hurt.

Everyone was expecting the accident, but suddenly a valiant prince was rushing to the angel. That valiant prince was able to catch the small angel from doom.

Everyone was stupefied on what happen, Wang Fang have a bulging eyes that was about to come out of its socket. Everybody’s mouth was left hanging, the prince charming who save the beauty turns out to be Li Jun.

As expected from their male god, he was also a hero. Wang Fang can’t believe the indifferent Li Jun would save someone just like that, is the world ending? Should he prepare some Apollo 99 for take off to universe to escape the calamity?….

[Author:”…..” Wang Fang your imagination is truly rich. Richer than mine…. Amazing!!( ̄Д ̄;; ]

Gu Jiao close her eyes and was bracing herself from the impact, suddenly she felt a strong arms catching her from falling to a hellish pain. She was so scared making her soul flew out of her body. Slowly she open her eyes, she look up and saw a beaitiful face. All the noise on her sides was immediately silenced, all she could focus was this beautiful face that was sparkling valiantly but why does it looks familiar?

Li Jun narrowed his eyes looking at that dumbfounded silly face. Looking around everyone who also wear the same expression he thought that his little princess has the cutest silly face while theirs were ugly. If Gu Jiao and everybody heard him the whole primary building would be tainted by blood from vomiting victim, they would shout ‘you! Sis-con’ with Wang Fang as the leader. (#`皿´)

Li Jun strive towards the clinic to inspect his sister if she gets hurt. Wang Fang was the first one to recover his soul back to his body he followed Li Jun, they left everybody looking like a clown.

When Wang Fang reach the clinic, he was surprised once again his soul flew out his body totally and was about to call the police for possible pedophile case.

Li Jun was busy groping his sister here and there making sure no scratch was able to grazed her. Then he lift her to his lap and patted her back coaxing her trembling body.

Gu Jiao didn’t know that she was trembling already from fright. She looks up to her male god and reach her hand to circle it around Li Jun’s neck and cried. (´Д⊂ヽ

Wang Fang was full back when he heard that cute sobbing cry. He cant believe what’s happening in front of him, that cold face Li Jun with an indifference that reach the heaven was coaxing someone? (ʘᗩʘ’)

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