Chapter 42


Gu Jiao was specially introduce in class with the principal. The students who also have special identity were somehow curious but others were annoyed taking the spotlight from them. The other classmate with ordinary background of being rich have twinkling eyes that says ‘another connection’.

Gu Jiao sighed deeply she wants to stay lowkey not to grab attention and pass this few months of studying before the advancement exam Li Jun promise her. But looking with her classmate now, specially those annoyed ‘princesses’ who have faces of ‘someone grab my spotlight, give it back look’ gave her a headache.

Gu Jiao voluntarily sat at the end of the row near the window when the introduction of the principal was done. Her homeroom teacher wants to argue but was unable to because Gu Jiao had taken action first.

Gu Jiao just kept silent the whole period she really was not in the mood to accommodate this children’s antics and attention grabing action.

She ended up taking a nap the whole morning period unintentionally that annoyed her classmates more. Unintentionally she created another reason for the whole class to give her attention because their teacher let her be others were really curious what was her identity that made the teachers unable to touch or scold her. Our poor Gu Jiao had done it really this time…

During lunch time…..

In the other side of the university, Li Jun sat quietly, he held his chin with his arm thoughtfully and was thinking deeply about what is now Gu Jiao doing right know, is she faring up well or were she was being bullied?

Wang Fang who was sitting on Li Jun’s side  gave a sharp glance on Li Jun’s direction.

Wang Fang:” Are you thinking about your sister?” he asked probingly.

Li Jun:”Mn”

Wang Fang wants to vomit blood, for the first time he was able to guess Li Jun’s unreadable mind. A sudden boom sound inside his heart the statue of Li Jun in his almighty appearance in a second was reduce to ashes.

Wang Fang thought that this sister was turning more scary in his mind an appearance of a medusa like seductress was slowly formed. To be able to warp around Li Jun on her fingers this have to be the right image. Our poor Wang Fang forgot that his image is totally over the top, he was after all just dealing to an eight year old child image. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

Wang Fang:”Why don’t you just go to take a look at her if your worrying to much.”

Li Jun was struck by lightning lately he was turning to be muddle headed, for Wang Fang to think of this simple idea and not him, its irritating… He was unconsciously keeping his distance because of that ‘woman’ but surely not all day would she accompany Gu Jiao right? He was really to cautious this time. Hump if isn’t for that woman’s fault he should be by his little bunny’s side right now pampering her.

Li Jun suddenly stood up and was quickly turning to leave. Wang Fang also stood up and followed him, he was curious as hell to meet this little princess which made this friend of his turned into an obsess sis-con.

Wang Fang was amaze with Li Jun’s speed, before Li Jun’s action were already quick and speedy, right now he can’t even describe how fast he is, where he was already 50 meters away from him who was jogging already just to catch him up. He was already besotted to this little miss.

Li Jun was annoyed by the people who keeps on bothering him on his way to his little sister. Li Jun was the school body president firmly grasping the sit even though he was only a freshmen in middle school. The student knows this legendary figure, from youngest to the oldest all have heard of Li Jun’s talent and wisdom, with his family as backing and his position as heir everyone in school wants to get close to him for benefits.

That’s why many student’s greeted him along his way, some even tries to engage a small talk, it was a rare sight seeing him walking on the hallway. Because most of the time he was in the classroom or in the student office. That’s why everyone wants to grab the opportunity.

Wang Fang was already in cold sweat seeing Li Jun’s darkening face because of being interrupted again and again and again….

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