Chapter 41


After the steamy bath session, the two proceed on the dining table. Gu Fan, who returned from the business trip a few days ago, saw the two a flash of light quickly pass her eyes. When the two young children took their respected sit, Gu Fan brow was rise usually Gu Jiao would sit next to her, but now it was different Li Jun had taken a move.

He help Gu Jiao settle beside him, in front of them Li Cheng and Gu Fan were place. While in the head seat was Li Wei. 

Li Wei:”It’s your first day of school little princess are you excited?”

Gu Jiao:”Mm” answering in a daze. She was so distracted with her thoughts that were still on what happen in the bath time session with her brother.

Li Wei excuse her unusual behavior as nervousness, the breakfast then proceeded in silence with an occasional conversation with Li Wei and Li Cheng. Li Jun just silently attending to Gu Jiao’s care. Gu Fan was silently observing everyone’s move giving Gu Jiao and Li Jun profound glances, and occasionally taking care Li Cheng’s need.

 Li Cheng had his driver to send them (Gu Jiao, Gu fan & Li Cheng) on the school. Li Jun also wants to tag along but stop because of that ‘woman’, he decided to set on his own toward to school. Gu Jiao, in his thought would be safe because father was there. [Author: Aren’t you being too overprotective or is that already paranoia? (・’з’・)]

Li Cheng’s bodyguards are very professional, but some of Li Jun people were mixed in them. These people are very strong, everyone got on Li Cheng’s car, some where in the other as a convoy, and they set off smoothly towards the school.

In the previous life Gu Jiao was left attended by the servants on her enrollment, Gu Jiao wants to roll her eyes secretly in her heart, in her last life, as soon as Gu Fan mentioned school, her face would darken, and immediately used the excuse of helping her father on a big business! She had immediately passed the hot potato to the steward to take care of, and went to work with her father. 

She was left on her own devices, although she don’t remember quite most of her childhood memory because it happens so long ago. But this particular day was left a deep mark on her. A child as small as her was felt unwanted that time, she felt lost, deep sadness crawled in her heart right now.  this was the second time she felt like this. (see Chapter 24)

She remember crying and throwing tantrum that day but no one coax her, even the servant just left her to cry on the big living room. At night, as she remembered yet again how Gu Fan came back to coax her, ‘explained’ to her that she was in a tight spot, can’t accompany her all the time so she easily forgave her mother. But looking into it deeply she just didn’t want to accompany her in humiliation on not having her husband to enroll the bastard child which means they aren’t in favor and in a precarious position in the family.

As usual, when they arrive at the school the principal was yet again waiting at the entrance just like before (Chapter 24), smiling amiably,  the class teacher in charge of her was here again to give her special care, they talked and joked yet again in short currying yet another favor. The principal and teacher praised Gu JIao with enthusiasm, their words unlike before that were suitable, were now reasonable due to her remedial classes during summer. 

Li Cheng was attentively listening on the result of Gu Jiao lessons , Gu Fan’s smile had bloomed into a flower with a hint of smugness, ‘like any mother that were proud of their daughter’ kind of smile.

The principal and teacher were so enthusiastic that any minute now if Gu Jiao continue to listen would also believe she was the smartest person living on earth. They had taken about an hour but in the end the principal had received yet another hefty donation, he’s enthusiasm paid of.  (‘‐ω‐)=з

The principal’s smile was rise to the heaven that now if bfore she was a grandchild of him, now she was the most favor concubine. (lll-ω-)

When she entered the classroom along with the teacher and principal, Gu Jiao did not feel anything, she had entered this school last time, there were even some rich brats in there, they had no status at home and some where also in the same situation as her, but they got along well with herself. When something happened, they all scattered one by one, and even went to the her lowest time to laugh at her, being good sister and friends is just bullshit, they’ll only come to find you when there’s something they need from you, once you’ve lost your value, then there will be no more connection, and even get stepped on. Most of them of course got close to Gu Jiao for them to have connection to Li Jun sadly no one have taken Li Jun’s interest in the slightest bit, some where even punish unimaginable torture because of scheming against brother. Serves you right! Hump! t( -_- t )

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