Chapter 40


After the visit a few days had gone by and vacation was finished. The two siblings enjoy their rest day in a leisure manner most of it was playing chest with Grandpa Li gaining red pockets as a price. Making those money go all the way to Gu Jiao’s pocket. Li Cheng sometimes join them and help the old man Li, pampering the little princess and spoiling her along with her antics of cheating on the games. Both Old man Li and Li Cheng just close their eyes on what’s happening in the game. Li Jun help her with this antics along with collecting the red pockets.

Gu Fan came back just yesterday from the business trip. Missing all the fun the family had done. Gu Jiao just pretend nothing happened while she was gone when Gu Fan ask her. Thinking that ‘huh serves you right! Hehe your great opportunity was wasted when you were gone! :p’

It was already the start of school semester. Gu Jiao was still sleepy, she sat up and rub her eyes. Li Jun watch this adorable creature who was still half sleep and half awake in her antics.

Li Jun:"It's time to get up already

Li Jun:”It’s time to get up already. Today was your first day right?”

Gu Jiao:”Brother I’m still sleep.”

Li Jun:”Who told you to play until dawn now look you can’t even make your eyes open.”

Gu Jiao just stood up and did a  hug me pose where Li Jun can’t say no.

Li Jun hauled her up to his waist and let her lean on on his shoulder

Li Jun hauled her up to his waist and let her lean on on his shoulder. He brought her to the bathroom to take a bath. Gu Jiao was struck by mischievous idea.

Gu Jiao:” Brother let’s take a bath together.” (∩_∩)

Li Jun froze on his steps, he was frozen stiff in his track. An uncomfortable emotion flah in his face. Gu Jiao thought her mischief had reach his bottom line and was about to say that it was a joke when Li Jun gave a nod and continued on his track.

Gu Jiao was shocked she was only joking. ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) He was not serious is he? Ehhg wait wait don’t take my clothes of! No don’t don’t take off your clothes mama mia! I’m really am just joking brother you shouldn’t be so serious so early in the morning.

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