Chapter 4


Gu Jiao a considerate person, but she was petty in some ways , she calmly glanced over to Gu Fan, fortunately she didn’t notice, or not, she would only ignore her if there was contempt, she is not a simple person at all. She huffed a breath of air, Gu Jiao felt that after her rebirth she had been too complacent, she was almost exposed.

Gu Fan suddenly said: “I’m the secretary of your father, one day your dad had gotten drunk with me, and accidentally had you, at that time, your father’s wife is still alive, she was arrogant and bossy, I was afraid of her finding out and force me to…, so I bared with it and kept my pregnancy a secret and send you away to my mother. I didn’t dare return home, I didn’t dare to contact you guys. For fear of her finding about you!”

Gu Jiao almost snorted. Your just afraid father finding out, for at that time the two of you had no feelings with each other. (╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )

Gu Jiao extended her small arms and touch her mother’s arm. If you can act, I can too act after all you taught me well before, sneering in her heart she said: ” It’s been hard on you mother” didn’t forget to act cutely to, widening her eyes blinking it rapidly… (人◕ω◕) …. while thinking being such a whore and you still want to pretend, you’re chaste, what a hypocrite. You… drugging father that night making it look like you were taken advantage of baring the white lotus face*…. Ψ(Φ皿Φ))) ~††

Gu Jiao move her body away and turn her head to the other side secretly rolling her eyes ( ̄^ ̄) then close it to get some sleep, she might as well rest lest she contaminate her ears with her drama and whatnot. (︶。︶✽)

In actual fact Gu Fan that year just barely managed to seize an opportunity to got herself pregnant, she had already set her eyes on Li Cheng of Li family whose wife is dying because of terminal illness. Such a powerful man is hard to come by. But sadly, how could she know that that rich woman with good lineage could live few more years, making her grit her teeth in anger. Making her plans in mess, with her background how can she cause trouble!

That’s why she kept this brat alive to be ready in future her “little strokes fell great oaks”**, after all she had confidence that that woman will die eventually, and everything would be in place. But truly it had taken her sometime…

She had tried, in the past seven years, and gotten involved with several drunken chairmen, other wealthy, and powerful man, but she did not hit jackpot, didn’t even fall pregnant but the heavens didn’t close its door on her and had given her a chance. Finally, that woman died! This brat used has finally come!

Gu Fan already, deliberately exposed to Li Cheng the existence of their daughter. After Li Cheng found out “accidentally”, that he a daughter was first surprise and happy.

Even if Li Cheng was drunk, he still an impression, just that if she had not mentioned it then he naturally would not mention it either and pretend that it had never happened. But “accidentally” discovered the existence of his daughter and listening to a tearful drama of Gu Fan. Li Cheng decided to recognize this daughter and be brought back home. And what’s more with deep thinking and lots of consideration, he decided to try a relationship with Gu Fan. After all Gu Fan, liked to keep herself pure, and had never gotten a boyfriend. The Li Cheng who had been single all along after his wife passing suddenly felt touched, Gu Fan was smart and knew her place, she had no greedy thoughts at all, gentle like clothes that were most intimate.

Gu Fan plans were successful she had gotten with Li Cheng, had coax him to get married to her because of Gu Jiao.

But Gu Fan didn’t bring Gu Jiao to the Li family yet. She didn’t brainwash this child yet into following her yet! That’s why she proposed the idea of bringing Gu Jiao back slowly, because Gu Jioa had been left there since he as young, what if it made Li Jun unhappy?

After all that year when Gu Fan got pregnant, Li Jun’s mother had not died yet, no matter how she thought about its Li Jun would not like Gu Jiao, let alone living together and enjoying the happiness of families.

Although Li Cheng really wanted to see Gu Jiao, but once he thought about his son’s and his father’s mood, he quickly gave up.

The car had been running for a long time and parked in the courtyard of a villa in X city, Gu Jiao woke up leisurely, gave her eyes a rub, and looked towards the familiar house with narrowed eyes. She smiled slowly…. (☆∀☆)Thinking what was about to come….

“Looks wasn’t this place beautiful? Our future house will be even more beautiful, you need to get used to it soon, you look surprised like……I will find several teachers for you, try to give your father a good impression, don’t worry, he will be very happy to know!”

GU Jiao smiled a bit, looking cute and innocent, Gu Fan finally sighed a breath of relief, that’s right, for a mother who had not appeared for several years to suddenly come looking for her, she was probably confused but happy, that is understandable. Gu Jiao is still young, but once she experienced the life of the rich, she would naturally try to curry favour with me. And be manipulated easily.

Gu Fan curled the edge of her mouth as she got off the car, feeling extremely confident, today has been too exhausting, first take a nap, let the nanny clean up GU Jiao and take her out for a “make-over” and pampering, then act out a tragedy, eat a big meal at night, and buy her some toys, then she can keep Gu Jian under her control.

✼ ……………………………………….✼

* white lotus face

– describe woman who look like innocent

** “Little strokes fell great oaks”



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