Chapter 4 Part 2

Porcelain Touch Part 2


“No…nothing…” Gu Yining slowed down and calmed herself, ready to leave his arms. 

 But  Mo Jian Chen just hold more tightly.

“Mo Jian Chen! You let go of me! Someone’s seeking you alone, what are you doing with me?” Gu Yining locked her eyebrows, looked up and questioned Mo Jian Chen.”

“What  great guts! How can you just call out the names of the eight prince casually? Is there any rules?! ” Yun Xiang Qi see Gu Yining is so unruly, she then took a step forward, wants to pull away Gu Yining from Mo Jiang Chen’s arms.

“The woman of this prince, how to spoil how to pet, do you have a problem?” Mo Jian Chen cold bitter eyes swept to  Yun Xiang Qi, so that she could not help but stop in her place.

    “His Royal Highness!~” Yun Xiang Qi looked at him with grievances, and she was the same as his concubine. How did the treatment differ so much? 

“Is there anything?” Mo gradually looked at Yun Xiang Qi indifferently.

“Your Highness, you have to make decisions for me! This  sister bully concubines … Isn’t that it? And let me take care of her Zhi Yuan Pavilion! “Yun Xiang Qi said, the small hand can not help but pull on Mo Jian Chen’s sleeve with delicate look,” Your highness you also know, Concubines, who’s going to do this rough? ” 

“Didn’t you want to know whether or not this Jie jie was deliberately make things difficult me? “

Yun Xiang Qi lift her tiny young face, extremely expecting Mo Jian Chen action, seems to be hoping that Mo Jian Chen will be able to scold her.

“Pretentious” Gu Yining glanced at Yun Xiang Qi, muttering to herself.

“What did you say?! ” Yun Xiang Qi turned to look at Gu Yining, a born concubine, how dare it be so unreasonable?!

Gu Yining did not fear, and pushed away from the side of the body, and stepped forward: “I am really sorry, I am a man who speaks straight, I said…” 

  “All right! “Before Gu Yining finished, Mo Jian Chen interrupted the conversation of two women, how did he marry these two women as wives? One is the daughter of Yun Family a pampered spoiled young miss, came to the eight Wangfu is really outrageous, one is the Second young Miss of Gu Family, thought that the married princess is  gentle  and virtuous, like a wife from the book, did not expect to be the opposite!

 The two women lived together, afraid would turn the Wangfu upside down.. 

 “Wang Ye!~~” Yun Xiangqi looked with a pathetic appearance at Mo Jian Chen, and wanted him to take revenge for her. 

“Just, you should be active and strengthen the muscles.” Mo Jian Chen has no mind to care about them again, this is good, just in time to oppress Yun Xiang Qi’s force, thinking like this, he then turn around ready to leave.

“Did you hear that? “Gu Yining walked up to Yun Xiangqi in a playful manner, she lift a small hand, rhythmically pat Yun Xiang Qi’s shoulder, repeating the words of Mo Jian Chen,” work, move, work, move, muscles and bones … “”

She didn’t want to wait for Gu Yining to finish, Yun Xiangqi turned around and delicately flew down on the ground: “Ah!” 

 Just turned around walking a few steps, Mo Jian Chen heard the sound, then immediately turned around, saw that Yun Xiang Qi fell on the ground, a look of grievance. 

 Gu Yi Ning stood straight in front of her. She looked silly and her brain was blank. What the hell is this? Only the first day in the Wangfu, already playing this out with her?

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