Chapter 4 Part 1

Porcelain Touch Part 1


Gu Yining looked at Mo Jian Chen, knew that he did not come to her for no reason, but still pretended to have ‘I dont know anything’ appearance: “All right ~ The king can do whatever he wants! “

“Heard you deliberately make things difficult for Yun Xiang Qi? “Mo Chien asked casually.

Gu Yi Ning’s eye pupils tighten, It was not long ago before her and Yun Xiang Qi separated, Mo Jian Chen knew about it already?

 “What? Feels distressed for the woman?” Gu Yining opened her eyes to look directly at Mo jian Chen’s eyes, then look elsewhere.

“That’s not it, I’m just curious …” Mo-Jian Chen looked at the woman in front of him, her eyes was a trace of arrogance, big hand gently pinched her chin, took her face over, forcing her to look at him.

 “Curious about what? ” Gu Yining was forced to raise her head and looked at Mo Jian’s eyes with a touch of contempt.

“Nothing” Mo jian Chen put down his hand, Gu Yining just married yesterday into the government, but she already a different kind of feeling, her temperament greatly changed, coupled with last night thing regarding with Jun Yige.

Mo gradually looked at her eyes and couldn’t help but be in tense. For the sake of insurance, it is better to observe for a few more days. 

“I want to enjoy the flowers, please don’t bother me.” Gu Yining turned and never gave Mo Jian a second look. 

 She was admiring the flowers all the way, but didn’t want him to follow her all the way. 

 “What the hell do you want? “Guyi finally couldn’t help it, turning around and looking at him impatiently,” Don’t follow me like an stalker! All right, go back! “

“As it happens, the king also wants to see the flowers.” Mo Jian Chen played the viper bend his waist, gently saying in Guyi ear. This woman is really strange, other people revere him to some degree, but in front of her, he is not big or small, she was very cheeky.

“That’s really embarrassing to Wang Ye. I have already arrived at my Zhi Yuan pavilion, but also ask the prince to stop. ” Gu Yi Ning stopped in front of the door and set out the appearance of seeing a visitor out. 

 “How? This is the Prince Wangfu. Is there any restriction on where this prince can go?” The eight prince eyes sank,  and gave a questioning looked at Gu Yining. 

“This is not the case, Wang Ye please,” Gu Yining couldn’t beat him, just turned around muttering this man who feels like a god,right away came across with Yun Xiang Qi.

When Yun Xiang Qi saw Mo Jian Chen coming, she quickly rushed to the front of his face and raised her palm-sized face. Her eyes filled full of admiration and love: “Your Highness, you have finally come. You must be seek justice for this concubine!” 

  Looking at the face of Yun Xiangqi, Gu Yining can not help but bite her mouth in disdain, turn around and see Mo Jian Chen face that turns black, the heart can not help the burst of joy, she endured to smile, copied the appearance of Yun Xiang Qi. She pretended to look at Mo Jian Chen: “Then I will not bother you!~” 

 She turned and was about to leave, but she was stunned. She was pulled back, a force made her fell defenseless into the arms of Mo Jian Chen. The sturdy chest made her tremble. 

 “Oh, my God … The old girl’s heart …! “Gu Yining snorted, and couldn’t help but whisper in her mouth. Did not expect this Mo Jian Chen to actually have such a good figure!”

 “What are you talking about?” Mo Jian Chen bowed his head, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly, looked at her inexplicably, and she push the to straighten her body but was pressed against the man in an imposing manner. 

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  1. Gu Yining sure is bold, she all but tells the eighth prince to fvck off. That sort of undisguised contempt could get a main character killed in some other novels I’ve read.

    Thank for the batch release.

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