Chapter 39


Gu Jiao was already dozing off in the car. Li Jun lift her and put in his lap and let Gu Jiao lean on him to sleep, patting her back as to console her to dreamland.

Li Cheng who was driving can’t help to watch them thru the rear view mirror. Seeing the attentive Li Jun, Li Cheng can’t help but to commend Li Jun’s effort to care for his daughter.

Li Cheng:”Little Jun do you like Jiao’er?”

Li Jun coaxing Gu Jiao to sleep answered calmly:”I Like her the most….”

He stop for a bit a complicated look passed in his face. He taught that he was his father and Gu Jiao father so nothing answering him honestly is fine:”…. Also the most important.”

Li Cheng smiled at him and gave him a nod. Then the decision for the two children that the old man propose further solidified on his mind. Li Cheng taught maybe it could workout just fine.

Li Jun rembered a request from Gu Jiao:”Father Jiao’er wants to visit his uncle.”

Li Cheng was brought back from his thought and answered:”It’s fine if it’s only a few days. He was the one who took care of her after all. Why don’t you accompany her to visit, in a few more days school’s will also start, you could also take some day off from what you are doing right now. And see if there is any help we could provide to him. I want to repay him for the years he took care of our little princess.”

Li Jun was disatisfied on the helping part Gu Jiao was not properly taken care of malnourishment is clearly visible for an eight year old child. A hostility was brewing on Li Jun’s heart toward this uncle. But he gave his agreement he would be going with her as to not Gu Jiao be taken advantage off, of that person he don’t know if he was some resemblance with that woman they have the same blood after all. He would protect his little girl from harm.


Gu Jiao was back in her old house in the village where she grew up. She remembered when she rebirth here as if she was just dreaming of a nightmare, her future nightmare. After waking up from that nightmare-ish dream, she didn’t have anytime to miss this small village.

In the former life she never gone back here and never visited her uncle. Her uncle tried to visit her in the Li Household but was cast away by Gu Fan. When she was young she harbored a grudge to this uncle that never visited her, that’s why she never visit him when she got older. She only had known that he was cast away everytime he visit when she was kick out the Li family. Her uncle was the one who help her that time to settle in a small village away from anyone that could know her.

Remembering the passed Gu Jiao was feeling melancholic for being stupid treasuring a stone instead of diamond. But now she can correct those regret slowly like right now she will make his uncle life a tiny bit comfortable and make preparation for the future la.

Li Jun seeing the house where Gu Jiao live before he felt an ache down to his heart and also somehow guilty. He was able to live in luxury but Gu Jiao until a few months ago was living in this kind of house. Li Jun met this Gu Lee seeing is believing  as they said. Li Jun saw that this uncle truly care for Gu Jiao that is why is hostility lessened. Learning to Gu Jiao that his uncle was working in the construction as a laborer and was buried in depth while his mother was hospitalized that was later on passed, Gu Fan didn’t even tried to reach out on them and just came back recently to take Gu Jiao away, leaving this Gu Lee all alone.

Gu Jiao saw her uncle lost weight the last time they were together even though she kept in touch with him, it’s not enough to ease her uncles loneliness. Gu Jiao cried in her uncles arm and lament why was he like that should have taken care of himself more. Who would pamper her if he got sick, she continued crying and lamenting on what would happen if her uncle didn’t take care of himself.

Gu Lee was happy he busily coax the crying girl and just agreed to her promise her would take care of himself more. 

Li Jun was annoyed hearing the two of them but kept his silence knowing to give the two of time for each other. Seeing his sister this upset, he made a call to Li Cheng explaining what happen and they would go home today.

Li Cheng learning Gu Lee’s circumstances made a quick move to make his life a little better. That day after the visit the two siblings got home while uncle Gu was taken away by Li Cheng people to move somewhere decent, his debt was paid and was given a decent job in one of subsidiary company under Li Cheng.

At first Gu Lee didn’t want to accept but  when Gu Jiao learn of it she cried again and grumble of what not forcing her uncle to accept to coax her to stop.

The visit was cut short but Gu Jiao was still satisfied with the outcome knowing her uncle would be alright starting now. She is still young and can’t really help him with anything. She was also barely making preparation for their future sending him little money from her red pocket were not enough, this she knows very well. That’s why borrowing Li Jun and Li Cheng’s power is the only thing she could do right now.

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