Chapter 38


Li Cheng was left below he only woke up in is stupor after the crew asked him if he wants to ride the next cart. He was looking at the moving cart where the two kids was place, seeing Li Jun looking at him with a hint of smugness and heated gaze. Li Cheng did know whether to laugh or to cry. In the end he decided to wait for them below, looking at the sun that was about to set, after along time he felt truly relax and refresh. It’s been along time since he was able to enjoy his day. His princess was truly amazing for her to brought them closer together and let them feel be at ease, Li Cheng thought that he should spend his time more to his family, his work can be done in the office being busy is no excuse. 

Li Cheng seated his self on the bench and prepare his self for a long long wait knowing his selfish son, he knows they would take a few rounds. Looking at his watch, he let out a small chuckle maybe his son and daughter won’t be back until the fireworks display, that Li Jun was a bad kid monopolizing his sister that long. Ah maybe he shouldn’t have infuriated him awhile ago hahaha, now he is paying for it being alone.


In the Ferris Wheel cart.

Gu Jiao was also dumbfounded on what happen, she tilt her head on the side and tried to catch up on what just happen. Did her brother childishly left their father below? Did he just dash hurriedly and close the door to their fathers face? (‘O_O) Wow did that happen just now?

Li Jun saw that doubtful gaze of his lovely sister, he calmly made his excuse:”Father can’t come inside he is heavy the cart will fall down if he goes with us.”

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes, her forehead was full of black lines, this brother of hers lied with his eyes open didn’t he, and did he taught of her as dumb to make that absurd excuse! Does she look to dumb? But looking at Li Jun’s sincere and serious face, she also thought that if she was really an eight year old girl she would believe what Li Jun’s just said. 

Gu Jiao pretended to be dumb and gave a nod. Let’s pretend to be dumb and live a merry life. hahaha (*’∀’*)

Gu Jiao:”Brother so smart!” v(^∀^*)

Li Jun sat beside Gu Jiao and gave her a pat on her head as if saying ‘good girl! good girl’ Gu Jiao’s forehead was added another black line. Am I a pet! is what she wants to shout. (-‘д’-)

But Gu Jiao just let it be it was to her advantage as a harmless little girl. Right the goal can’t be forgotten ‘live a leisure life if needs to act dumb so be it’.

Li Jun was in a complicated mood he was satisfies Gu Jiao is not questioning any futher but isn’t she easily desive? This won’t do she would be eaten clean without her knowing. Li Jun vowed to keep an eye on her at all times 24/7.

Li Jun:”Did you enjoy our trip?”

Gu Jiao:”Mm, but I would enjoy it more if you let me ride those big rides” while pointing on the roller-coaster and other rides.

Li Jun smiled slightly and said:” Whenbyou get older I’ll accompany you again and we will ride those. But for now they’re dangerous for you. You barely able to grasp the handle much more hold them until those rides finish.”

Gu Jiao was touch to Li Juns degree of care. He was right because of excitement she forgot that her body was still an eight year old to small for those ride even if she have the courage to ride she really didn’t have the capacity to be safe.

Gu Jiao stood up and sat on Li Jun’s lap hug him and gave him a kiss on the cheek:”Brother thank you! Jiao’er promise to be an obidient girl. I’ll always follow brothers arrangements.”

Li Jun felt that familiar feeling in his heart, but he it was still to soft for him to understand. A tenderness seep outwards and filled the entire cart.

Li Jun:” Alright! I promise that I would make you happy if you stay a good and obedient girl! “

Gu Jiao:”Ok you promise let’s do a pinky promise so you won’t forget la”

As the two link their hands a boom sound was heard. They didn’t realized that they were already at the top and the cart stop already. So absord with each other that it was already the time for the firework display.

Gu Jiao was enchanted by the different colors. Li Jun just watch her, seeing the different colors reflect on her eyes that twinkled like forever. He can’t describe the feeling he was in now he just knew that this sister of him was the most important person in his life.

He didn’t know when Gu Jiao manage to seep his stone cold heart ever since his mother died his days grew colder even though Li Cheng and old man Li are their there was this emptiness inside him. But when Gu Jiao arrive in his life that ice around his heart slowly melted.

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