Chapter 37


Gu Jiao’s mouth was continuously twitching along with her eyebrow.

An angry mark was visible on her lovely forehead, her face was already so red from humping.

Gu Jiao just want to cry but lack the tears. Why does her brother continually misunderstood her. The first one was the roller-coaster that turns to a circling wooden horse. Next was the pirate ship rides that swing you left and right at 90° but it turned to swing ride for kids! And now this! My hamburger was turned in to a  freaking sandwich, I really wanna cry and throw tantrum!

Li Jun was glancing on his side secretly. He already detected his fault after the carousel ride. But teasing his sister is so fun pretending to enjoy those rides even against her wishes and continually keeping his whims of teasing going. Li Jun can’t help but enjoy her face that is grumpy and a red face like an apple, her face was so rich with emotion and was so easily read.

Li Jun thought that even if she voice the rides she wants both him and father Li won’t agree tgey were dangerous. She was so small if a slightest mistake was made she will get hurt. Li Jun won’t allow it that’s why he continue to pretend not to see those wronged teary eyes.

Li Cheng just watch there antics by the side and was already so happy just being there chaperon.

Gu Jiao can’t take it anymore and thought if she didn’t ride the things want she will go crazy.

Gu Jiao:”Big Brother? How about a bump car?”

Li Jun:”No.”

Li Cheng:”Li Jun its fine. How about we do it like this, Jiao’er will ride with me you ride alone?”

Gu Jiao:”Ok! I’ll go ride with daddy! Let’s go bump with brothers car!”

Li Jun:”…..” his mood turned sour, while he didn’t know why. But he still nod his head along as Gu Jiao will be with someone that will keep her safe.

The three of them ride and started playing. Li Cheng as an adult who is adept on driving didn’t show any mercy on Li Jun and just show off to his princess, can’t let his son take all the spot light to his daughters eyes now can he.

Gu Jiao who was enjoying the ride was cheering on her driver:”Daddy’s the best! GO DADDY!”

Li Jun’s mood turned for the worst hearing those words. He gave his father a sharp glance. After the ride Li Jun’s face cant be comprehended, he was full of gloom.

Li Jun:”You said big brother is the best. Now your sucking up with this old man” while narrowing his eyes on Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao:”…..”

Gu Jiao who just arrive at the exit was speechless what happen to her brother. When did he become childish? Is he so gloomy because he lost. Hump! So childish his image of a mature man crumble this instant. Still we can’t let our golden thigh be unhappy or life would be unhappy too.

Gu Jiao readied herself to bootlick to appease her brother.

Gu Jiao:”Brother still the best! Ok don’t be grumpy anymore la!”

Li Cheng who was amuse suddenly butt in to their conversation:”How about daddy?” he showed a pitiful face to Gu Jiao like a lost puppy.

Gu Jiao:”…..” aren’t you so old dad to be this childish? But she still answered.

Gu Jiao:”Of course daddy is best. I love daddy the most!”

When Li Jun who was already appease suddenly was again struct by lightning the temperature around them suddenly turned chilly. Gu Jiao who had zero sense of danger, even she felt the dangerous air hovering them. Li Cheng make a straight face but was snickering in his heart. Such a jealous boy… Hehehe so good to tease.

Li Cheng just ignore Li Jun who was turning more gloomy by the minute:”My little Jiao’er how about we ride the Ferris wheel as the last before we go home?”

Li Cheng didn’t even wait for everyone’s reply and just drag Gu Jiao’s little hand and brought her on the Ferris wheel.

Li Jun who was watching on the side, a sudden light flash in his eyes. When Li Cheng was about to board the cart Li Jun dash form behind him and suddenly close the cart door. Li Cheng who was surprised on what happen froze on his spot. 

Amusement park rides:

*Swing ride

*Pirate ship

*Pirate ship

*Pirate ship







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