Chapter 35


It was then decided that the three of them are going. Our poor male god was depleted for vomiting so much blood of disappointment. Li Jun didn’t know why he was so disappointed when he was looking forward of it just yesterday, his crease brow were very visible that our little Jiao was getting worried.

Gu Jiao:”Big Brother is something wrong”

Li Jun seeing that worried look was helpless he also don't know why he was so disappointed

Li Jun seeing that worried look was helpless he also don’t know why he was so disappointed.

Li Cheng seeing these two children who are in their own world was reminded about the talked with his father. Looking at them again, he was able to see a rare sight, where Li Jun was patting Gu Jiao’s head with a spoiling and tender look on his face, like watching a bunny that was being pet.

His decision was secured that time

His decision was secured that time. Maybe his good friend and him should have a very good long talk for the future.

The three went in their way for amusement park. Gu Jiao was so happy two of the most important people were beside her and that mother of hers was miraculously not here to intervene from her happiness.

‘Please do not ever come back… Oh just kidding needs to come back for my little brother… After that you can disappear forever. Mwahaha’ was what on Gu Jiao’s mind.

Li Cheng was excited this is the first time he would be able to bound with them specially with his little princess, who he was not able to spend time after taking her in the Li Household. Guilt was suddenly come rushing to him, he decided that he would take sometime to be with his princess and bound with her.



Gu Jiao and co. Arrive at the park. Seeing the real thing she was jumping in excitement looking at her back she saw her father and brother, a sense of warmth spread to her heart. This is what she miss in her previous life, the sense of family. Having her real family in a real family outing, one of my wish come true. She feels she was on cloud of happiness.

Li Cheng:"Now baby girl where do you want to go first?"

Li Cheng:”Now baby girl where do you want to go first?”

Gu Jiao jerk back from reality looking around staring dazedly on the roller coaster. ‘Want to go whoosh, wooosh’

Li Jun frown looking in the direction where Gu Jiao was looking, he saw rides, he thought that maybe the little girl was just shy to move. Li Jun took her hand and motion Gu Jiao in the direction she was looking at.

‘Brother really understand me the most! See he even knows that I want to ride the Roller-coaster! Yehey! I’m worried that if I voice I want to ride they wood object because it’s to much for a kid. But if big brother was here all is well!’ emo.

Gu Jiao was excited and let Li Jun drag her, Li Cheng followed behind them and watching the two children with interest.

‘ Eh? Bro… Brother your going the wrong way that’s not the way to the roller-coaster! Not at all! Where are you taking me! ‘ Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes when she saw that they were nearing the carousel, her lips twitch on the side. She was vomiting blood in her heart.

‘Hump! I’m so old for that carousel! Male god I beg you not there.’

Li Jun look back on Gu Jiao saw the trembling of his lips and thought she was scared. Our poor Jiao’er was misunderstood.

Li Jun:”Don’t be scared I’ll go with you.”

Gu Jiao and Li Cheng narrowed their eyes they can’t believe what they heard. Then they look at the carousels back to Li Jun. They were both dumbfounded. Li Jun in Li Cheng’s mind was a mature child never would he expect that he would ride that.

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