Chapter 32


Li Jun was having a deep thought on how to cheer her sister. Maybe studying to much have put her out of proportion. They said children has excess energy that have to be release. And Li Jun thought that Gu Jiao have behave properly rewarding her and make her happy is definitely a must.

Li Jun brought out his phone and dialed Wang Fang’s number. Hearing the voice at the other end he asked:” Wang Fang where does your brother usually play?”

Wang Fang:”…..”(⊙_◎)

 I’m truly speechless the image was slowly crumbling. Li Jun’s image as a cold, elegant and can’t be touch by mere mortals had just been broken because of that little sister of his. Wang Fang silently observed that Li Jun is turning into a sis-con b@stard. He also become talkative when it comes to his sister.

Although other people may not see the changes on Li Jun but Wang Fang is different he grew up along side Li Jun, he was one of those people who was most clear on what Li Jun’s temperament is.

Wang Fang: “Good Morning to you too. So early in the morning and your already rumbling about your sister.”

Li Jun rise his eyebrows:” I’m a loving brother that’s all.”

Wang Fang:”…..” so what do you want to tell me that I’m not?

Wang Fang was looking at his phone intently thinking who’s this @sshole that’s pretending to be his friend. The Li Jun that he know won’t ever say something like that or so he thought.

Wang Fang:” Haha… That’s funny young master Li Jun. (note the sarcasm) If your a really caring brother then why don’t you know where to bring your beloved little sister” while smiling innocently.

Wang Fang smugly asked him huh! For the first time he makes Li Jun speechless, this feels quite good maybe I should gave that little sister of his a small gift as thanks?

Li Jun rise his brows and said:”I’m a boy of course I won’t know where to bring a girl.”

Wabg Fang:”…..”┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Wang Fang’s happiness came to sudden and was smash by Li Jun’s smart mouth. ‘So your saying I’m a girl and know where to bring your sister! D@mn it! So early in the morning and my day was already starting on the wrong page! Hump!’

Wang Fang being smart just let his remark slide. And just answer him based on his instinct as a child and a brother.

Wang Fang:”Then why just don’t you bring her in an amusement park!? Didn’t you play there when you are a child?! Every child wants to go there, you know. Well I’m hanging up, and want to catch more sleep.”

‘ hump! Don’t want to pay attention to you anymore or else my brain would just stop functioning listening to your smart mouth!’ Wang Fang lamenting in his mind, then hung up and continued venturing in his dreamland.

Li Jun:”….. “

Li Jun was for the first time stump for words. He really don’t play in amusement park seen he can remember as a child. Sadly our poor Wang Fang didn’t realize that he makes the godly Li Jun speechless, the poor thing.

Li Jun search on the net about this thing called amusement park. What they can do there, where they can eat, is it safe for his lovable sister, and what not. He didn’t realize that he was also somewhat excited for this trip between him and his sister.

Didn’t even realize he was like a boy in-love and planning for his first date due to his excitement.

He planned everything for the whole day and was waiting for Gu Jiao to return home to tell her about their little date.


When Gu Jiao returned home that day her brother was already waiting in her room. Gu Jiao was surprise it was the first time that he saw her brother sitting in her bed, was the sun rising on the west and today it was truly strange.

Li Jun upon seeing Gu Jiao arrival stood up:”Study room after you  change clothes.”

Gu Jiao was still in a daze and was given a jerk when she heard Li Jun. She then gave a small nod. Li Jun seeing her response turned to leave entered to his room directly going to his study.

Gu Jiao tilt her head in one side a little and thought what’s up with him? Then she just shrug and immediately change. ‘Can’t let my Immortal God wait’.

Gu Jiao didn’t realize that Li Jun’s action were due to his nervousness about their little trip. 

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