Chapter 30


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Li Jun was attentively watching the sleeping Gu Jiao. After sometime he slowly carried her the his room and laid her down quietly as to not wake her up. He returned to his study and open his computer watch the previous day recording where Gu Jiao was poisoned, he rewind it a little more then stop at a scene where Gu Fan was seen getting the milk carton from the refrigerator.

He watch it carefully as to not miss any detail in the video he saw Gu Fan Heat the carton of milk for sometime then drink some of it then she return it after sometime in the refrigerator, he saw a smile on her face. At first Li Jun didn’t thought it much and skip it thru, but thinking about it, he frowned and thought why do she needs to heat the whole carton of milk  and not a portion for her to drink.

As he thought it thru, it was truly suspicious. He grab his phone, after a few ring someone pick it up.

“Good evening Young Master what can I do for you.”

“Good evening Dr. Chu I just want to ask what would happen if I heat a milk then let it cool down for some time, then return it to a cold place.”

“Oh. Young Master you should not drink it anymore because the milk will be spoiled called Thermoduric spoilage.”

When Li Jun heard this a glint passes thru his eyes. His eyes excluded a hint of murderous light:”Thank You Dr. Chu”

“No worries young master.”

‘Gu Fan I never thought you would be so cruel to sacrifice your own daughter for your gain.’

Li Jun was sure that Gu Fan’s target would be Gu Jiao because no one was drinking milk in the house except for that child. And it was really fitting for her to do so no one would suspect her to do that to her own child.

Li Jun save the recording. He can’t let Gu Jiao knows this or else that little bunny would be sad. Gu Fan you better behave, don’t force me to take action, in Li Jun’s mind.

He then returned to his room, made his way to Gu Jiao’s side. She looks like an innocent angel in her sleep. Li Jun’s resolve only hardened once more, no one will be able to hurt you as long as I’m here. I won’t let anything hurt you. Then he kissesem Gu Jiao’s forehead and fix their position hugging her, feeling the familiar warmth Li Jun slowly close his eyes.

If Gu Jiao was awake she would realize that someone was eating her tofu unconsciously… And would know who the true culprit was when the last time she woke up in Li Jun’s room. Sadly our heroine is in the lalala land  of dreams. (≚ᄌ≚)ƶƵ


When Gu Jiao woke up in the morning, she didn’t know if she should have a heart attack or she really have a sleeping disorder. These days, this event repeated itself every morning. Gu Jiao was somewhat powerless no matter what method she use, she would still wake up in this position. Every time she woke up like this her heart would in her guess would fail in fear f his brother, she does not know what to do anymore. Every morning she would sneak out in there entangle position.

Months have passed already Gu Jiao and Li Jun got closer through the summer time. But waking up like this every morning is really scary, it’s fine if she sleep in Li Jun room all the time. But there were times where she would sleep in her room then will wake up in this entangle mess.

Other than that nothing much have happen during the summer vacation soon school opening is bout to begin. Gu Jiao replacement classes where about to end. Even though school is about to start she was still happy for having a few weeks break to play…   Finally let’s all hail to vacation!

But before that let us all go back to Gu Jiao’s predicament right now, as said awhile ago every morning she had to rock her brain to escape this situation. .·’¯'(>▂<)’¯’·.


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