Chapter 3


Gu Jiao being reborn again is a grace of heavens good will. Thinking like this Gu Jiao think she better onto her “fortune telling lifetime”* to make a small fortune, be filial to her father and love big brother, happily care and pamper the soon to be born little Qiang, repay uncles kindness, then marry and hug a thick golden thigh** rich man to pass the days and have kids, never scheme to Li family, and let big brother Li Jun relax… hehehe… What a great plan… ≖‿≖

“Jiao’er! Why are you not talking?” Gu Fan’s face is really looking bad, could it be that this child was dumb like the her brother, he would be of no use then, might as well kept everything from her till the end. She subconsciously think of another plan, she maybe get pregnant again and teach that child rigorously, while rubing her stomach. If they did not grow up by her side, then they were not considered related, wouldn’t even spare me a glance. Hump! She thought evilly. This girl is still needed to block the oldest son Li Jun!

Uncle Gu glared at Gu Fan, Gu Lee swallowed his saliva, thinking about the words his sister had said in front of the construction site. Now for Jiao’er to continually be alone while he works naturally wouldn’t do, a child requires the love of her parents.

Gu Lee had also felt that his sister’s words made sense, those days his sister were actually quite pitiful, that man did not know of Jiao’ers existence, because having casual sex after getting drunk was too absurd, how could the man’s family be destroyed? His sister kept it a secret and secretly gave birth to little Jiao. Uncle Gu is simple and honest, he thinks that his sisters’ action are right, just that abandoning her child after a year is truly… He can’t even put a word on it but still his sister gave birth to little angel Jiao’er, Gu Lee felt that his sister is brave, and his eyes reddened: ” Jiao’er, your mother’s heart has already been broken because she didn’t even meet your grandmother before she passed away, you should comfort her well.”

Gu Jiao sneered in her heart, she could follow the flow if needed be but before that she might as well give this woman her first lesson hehehe… Being filial:”Before we go, we should go pray to grandmother. Right Uncle Gu? I would also like to say goodbye to her.” Gu Jiao ask cutely while blinking with her huge eyes.

“Little Jiao’er is truely filial and kind!”

Gu Fans’s hand slightly tremble and clench tightly, she paused for a moment, feeling slightly uncomfortable, by now this case should have been settled.

Gu Fan who wore a pair of high heels stumble as she reached the gravestone and knelt down, offering three bows, and gave a good cry, it looked just like it was real.

Gu Jiao thought what a drama queen you should better have used it in movies to win some award as well… hays what a truly talented woman! I hope grandmother won’t hunt you down! You not being sincere on your kowtowed…. ‘Grandma you better scare this woman to death! So this Granddaughter of yours could live peacefully!'(; ̄ー ̄川 Gu Jiao lament in her mind.

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes, her ears were filled with her uncle’s persuasions, what sister did not have it easy, just a woman going to work in the morning and studying at night, working hard to earn a qualification certificate, she could not handle a child at all, it’s not that she didn’t love you, blahblahblah…. saying everything reasonably……it does not fit uncle’s IQ at all!!! huh! This woman even feed her uncle these poisonous words! Hump!

Her uncle’s mouth pursed thinking what more to say, he continued: “Your mother wants you to live well, Jiao’er be good, live out your days well with sister.”

Gu Jiao look at her uncle and smile sweetly and said: “I know uncle Jiao’er will behave and be good to mother!” (屮`∀’)屮

“But Uncle if she really meant well, she wouldn’t not give me even a single call. She abandoned me for over seven years, she had already abandoned her loved ones early on, didn’t you tried to contact her when gradma died? I remember you said you was able to find were she was working and called her? Then why didn’t she return that time that was just over a year why now?”

Her uncle was silent and lowered his head.

Gu Jiao did not want him to feel bad and remember that time either, but some words has to be said and asked for him to think over or he would never find out: “The clothes she wore looks so expensive, diamond necklace are real right, and do you know how much her car costs, I remember my classmate saying that this kind of car is? three million and eight hundred thousand or so when we saw it on the street while returning home. Then uncle how come she never return if she already has money or work?”

Gu Jiao knows that this is not a word that should come from a mouth of a 8yr old child but she can’t keep quiet, she have to make her uncle vigilant and guarded as to not be taken advantage in the future.

Gu Lee was silent again, thinking deeply processing all the things little Jiao’er said. If what Jiao’er said is true simply taking some money from Gu Fan, would be enough for grandmother to have fish and meat, and live the rest of her life comfortably, why was she left to die in the hospital? Where even he can’t cover the cost of the operation needed. During that time how, hopeless he felt. Only little Jiao keep him to his self and move forward.

“Uncle if you don’t believe me you better remember all the brand that she’s wearing, and her car then search it on the net to know. uncle I’ll keep the phone you bought last year so you can call me, and I can call you often. Rest assured uncle, I’ll be good, and I’ll be obedient.”

Gu Lee couldn’t resist hugging Jiao’ers thin little body, and sighed continuously, the mobile phone in his pocket is quite simple, but very important for this is the only way he could monitor little Jiao when he was not able to return home immediately from work. He bought a pair one for him and one for little Jiao. This phone was his way to keep an eye on her, yet it became heavier than it worth, his voice immediately became hoarse:”Jiao’er, if you aren’t living happily then come back, you can come back to uncle anytime just gave me a call ok? Uncle would come to you immediately! Uncle will raise you.”

Gu Lee maybe slow but he was not stupid, from start to end third sister had maintained considerable distance between them, there was no contact at all……and she did not even give him her number. Thinking like this he is worried if his decision of living Jiao’er to her is right.

Gu Jiao return her uncle’s hug tightly held his waist! Uncle in this lifetime I’ll repay your sincere care. Gu Jiao remembered how her uncle had gone to her few times but was cast aside by her because her mother had feed her that her uncle is unsuitable for her to be close with. In her mother’s eyes her uncle is a lowly working laborer.

The Gu Fan of the previous life had not kowtowed to grandma, Gu Jiao got in the car and left the village, bringing nothing with her but a single cellphone that she kept hidden for Gu Fan. She remembers that previously when Gu Fan saw it she plunge it outside the car saying that it wasn’t necessary and is unsuitable for her status now she would buy her a new model. From then on, she had lost contact with her uncle, but now it’s different she kept it well hidden inside her pocket.

Gu Fan will buy her new things, the air inside the car was awkward, Gu Fan had nothing to say but she tried to find some topics, like a mother carefully currying the favour of her child. She was happy, to bring the brat home successfully.

Gu Jiao looking at the window with her and her mother’s reflection in it almost asked:

“Why did you not contact me all these years?”

✼ ……………………………………….✼

* “fortune telling life”

– Gu Jiao is pertaining to her previous lifetime

thick golden thigh**

– backer or support




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