Chapter 3 Part 2

Married a Fake Princess Part 2


Two women just look at each other, one was wearing plain white dress, dainty and delicate countenance with great momentum, the other was brightly dress, the face was under the heavy makeup, are full of resentment and jealousy.

It’s like two paintings that are completely out of place!

“Why did Miss Yun came to my Pavilion?” Gu Yijing’s calm face had a hint of curiosity.

“I have seen my sister,” Yun Xiang Qi pretended to give a salutr to Gu Yining. “Jie jie, this mei mei just wanted to visit you.”

“The visit in the eyes of Sister Yun refers to the dismantling down of my Zhi Yuan Pavilion?” Gu Yining gently picked up her eyebrows. This woman is so self-talking. If today do not have a good discipline, she will not be allowed to go to the house to unveiled the tile.

“My Jie Jie just looked at these decorations and was so eye-catching, so I called people to remove it.” Yun Xiang Qi pretended to curry favor to Gu Yining.

“Also, this red cloth are not pleasing to the eye. Then, I have to thank my sister for that?” Gu Yining asked.

“Sister does not have to be polite, these things are what sisters’ should do.”

What a good Yun Xiang Qi! The answer is very handy, Gu Yining grinned: “Since my sister is so keen to help me with the decoration in front of the pavilion, then will my sister help me to decorate something else?”


“The color doesn’t have to be too red, I like the simple and not messy decoration. It is better to have a wind chime, the sound is crisp and should not be disturbing.” Gu Yining continually asked Yun Xiang Qi, since this side concubine likes to control her Zhi Yuan Pavilion, then let her work hard.

“This kind of thing, sister let the others do it, not good?”

Yun Xiang Qi looked at the Guyi, watery eyes seem to show out a touch of panic, she was flustered, Gu Yining demand so much and so high, this is deliberately to find her trouble?

“This jie jie still prefers mei mei’s arrangement,” Gu Yining reached out and took Yun Xiangqi’s little hand.

” Only Sister Yun’s look out for this Jie Jie’s Zhi Yuan pavilion and entirely command it, really look forward to Sister Yun’s arrangement!”

“Then I am afraid that this sister will fail to live up to my sister’s expectations…” Yun Xiangqi turned his eyes and tried to get rid of her, buts unexpectedly meet with Gu Yining sentence “Then bother Yun sister” after that she has no room to advance or to retreat.

[no room to advance or to retreat – without any way out of a dilemma; trapped; in an impossible situation]

“I hope to see Yun’s mei mei masterpiece before midday.” Gu Yining looked at Yun Xiang Qi and squeezed out a big smile. Before the other can even say something, she already turned and left the pavilion.

Strolling through the garden path of the Eight Prince Palace(Wangfu), at this moment, Gu Yining’s heart has inexhaustible sense of comfort. Because of work, there have been few leisurely days. The modern fast-paced life has made her simply breathless. While Busy at working, also busy with taking care of interpersonal relationships.

“Miss is really amazing! You will give Miss Yun a little time to arrange the pavilion, which can make her too busy and ruin her, isn’t it?” The light voice of the child entered into Gu Yining’s ear. “I heard that Miss Yun is usually crafty, unruly, and willful in front of Miss, in front of you she still needs to look up to you !”

Gu yining looked at the servant girl, the girl’s eyes is bright, and full of joy, Gu Yining easily smiled: “If this kind of people do not discipline, will I just ignore the problem in hope that it will go away?”

“Wang Fei is really good!” The familiar male voice passed from behind, Gu Yining turned his body, his eyes ran into the familiar face. Such as a carefully carved face.

“Why is Wang Ye here?” Gu Yining looked at him doubtfully, her vice tone seemed not to be welcoming.

“This prince came to see his own Wang Fei, can’t he?” Mo Jian Chen approached Gu Yining slowly, and squatted down slightly, such as the obsidian-like eyes, seriously looking at the woman in front of him, like he was studying a handicraft in general.

Mo Jian Chen listen to the bodyguard, Bai Ye, said Yun Xiang Qi is crying to see him, saying that Gu Yining deliberately harassed her, the whole eight wangfu was almost demolished by her.

Miss Gu Yining, was said to be gentle and elegant, in his heart, she should be an indecisive weak woman, how could she marry into the Eight Wangfu, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of it?

Could it be… He married a fake princess?

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  1. Wouldn’t it be that the possibility he got unreliable information about her be the more obvious explanation? I mean, if they swapped his bride in spite of the fact he’s a prince, then wouldn’t his in-laws be too brave? There’s no way the family would survive as long as they have if they were so reckless.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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