Chapter 3 Part 1

Married a Fake Princess Part 1


Fragrant… fragrant pear? Jun’s smile suddenly froze:”Eight Princess, I’m called Li Jun…”

Gu Yining suddenly realized that she was so absent-minded that she had such a mistake: “Oh! I’m sorry! I just didn’t listen carefully. …..”

“Nothing.” Li Jun smiled and show a flashed of understanding, and there was a feeling like a spring breeze.

“Right! I heard you making noise here, what was it?” Li Jun curiously pry.

“There is nothing, that is, your family’s eight prince will not admit that their Jinhuazhijiao ~.” Gu Yining whispered softly.

“Also nothing, is your family eight king will not admit that their is a golden house” Gu yining whispered softly.

Didn’t expect it to be heard by Li Jun. “Golden House?” Jun’s face was full of surprises, he and Mo Jian Chen grew up together, they grown up since childhood. He had never seen any collusion between the eight prince and any woman. Even the treatment of the married side concubine he was still indifferent.

“Shh–! ” Gu yining stretched out his slender forefinger and gently stuck it to his lips.

“This Prince has already heard what you said, and there is no need to cover it.” Mo Jian Chen coldly looked at her eyes, and there was no wave on his beautiful face.

Gu Yi Ning’s face turned black, and he is distractedly standing there. Still do not know how to be good.

Li Jun couldn’t help but looked at the Eight Princess in front of him and finally spoke up: “I think… Is there any misunderstanding about the prince, eight princesses? “

“I just got through the door, What misunderstanding can you have about your family Prince?” Gu yining pursed her small mouth, if Mo Jian Chen did not have a golden house, then her mistake was not big a big one?

“It would be nice to have no misunderstanding.” Jun said with a smile. He carefully approached Gu Yining and leaned down slightly. “I and Jian grew up together and I have never seen him have any sweetheart.”

After he finished talking, Li Jun has slowly straighten up the body. In front of him, Gu Yining’s small face is stiff, tendon generally froze, and has never seen him have any sweetheart?!

This development – seems to be somewhat different from the novels she has seen in the past!

“What happened to Wang Hao?” Mo gradually bending down like a play.

“What’s wrong with the princess?” Mo Jian Chen couldn’t help but smirk and walked leisurely to Gu Yining’s side, bending down like a viper in a hunt.

The warm breathing evenly rushed to the ear of Gu Yining, and the body could not help but tremble: ” Nothing , I am hungry…!”

So the same Wang Yi with the morning meal?

“The sound of drowning came into her ears, clearly seeking her opinion, but made her feel that his quest had to be promised.”

“Will you have the morning meal with this Prince?” He whispered into her ears, clearly seeking her opinion, But it made her feel that she had to say yes to such request.

After the breakfast, Gu Yining immediately got up and left the Mo Jian Chen, and walked all the way to his Zhi Yuan Pavilion, but really did not want to face that person’s back.

“Take this down for me!” The woman pointed at the Pavilion of Gu Yining.

Gu Yining saw the person next to the woman listening to her command and pulling down the festive red cloth in front of the house.

“How can this Yun Xiang Qi be like this?!” Shi Yuan looked at her worriedly, and her heart is uneasy. “Miss, this must be stopped! You haven’t been in the house for less than a day. So crazy?!”

At this time, Gu Yining unexpectedly calmed down, and reached out and pulled the maid servant who was ready to rush forward. It was dismantled. Otherwise, the pavilion was full of fire everywhere, and she was happy to let her feel that.

“She is…?” Gu Yining softly whispered to the maid servant, seemingly do not want to disturb the self-talking woman in front of her.

“Back to Miss’s words, she is Yun Xiang Qi, eight Prince’s side concubine, General Yun’s daughter.” The servant child also whispered softly.”

“Yun General?” Gu Yining repeated curiously. Since it is a daughter of the generals, how do you marry and be a side concubine?

“Yes, listen to them, this Yun Xiang Qi has been particularly fond of the eight prince since childhood, also said that other than the eight prince she will not marry … “the child carefully explained to Gu yining, she pressed the voice, in fear of being heard by Yun Xiang Qi.

“This much to lose? “Gu yining’s face is full of surprise, this woman probably like Mo Jian Chen so much, clearly they can have a better future, but to come here when the person in the heart does not love their own and be a side concubine.

Gu Yi Ning’s words were finished, and the woman in front of him turned around.

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