Chapter 29


Nobody realized that Gu Jiao had already known the sequence of the events, and was the most clear on what truly had taken place about her poisoning. But she understand still doesn’t have the power to make a move and can only silently endure.

Gu Fan sent Gi Jiao home, and gave her a warm “loving” welcome, and when nobody was around, she took the chance to hold Gu Jiao’s face, with a sharp gaze she spoke:”My child, you’ve suffered, it’s your mother that’s wrong, your mother has no power to protect you, Jiao’er, Li Jun wild ambitions are too vicious, you are so young, and he had just……how did he dare……”she started to cry.


“My poor child,” Gu Fan hugged her tightly as if scared on losing  her, her nose and eyes were reddened.

Yeah, I’m so very poor having a mother like you, Gu Jiao spoke weakly:”Mom, I’m fine now. Where is father?”

When Gu Fan heard her question her face brighten up indicating that she was able to got close to Li Cheng because of the incident. Gu Fan was a little depressed becasue of the bias fate but as she thought about the birth of little Qiang, she endure. In a few years after my brother was safely born our war would start.

Gu Fan was in a good mood:” Jiao’er you continue to be a good daughter to your father. Ok. He was already so tired during the last few days when you were in the hospital and he still needs to work. Mother was helping him to lessen the burden so you have to be strong ok. Don’t let Li Jun take advantage of you. Mother won’t be able to protect you.”

Gu Jiao was annoyed to Gu Fan’s fakeness. ‘what protect, what take advantage, what becoming strong. All of it are bullshit. If I didn’t know any better you were the one taking advatage of what’s happening right now to get closer to my father.’

Hump having stage such a play to have a mary sue halo who is a caring and responsible wife, can enjoy the respected gazes of the others, standing under the spotlight of being Mrs. Li, becoming the brightest existence! Becoming an innocent goddess.

I’m unreconciled with this outcome. Truly unfair buhuhu… My sufering good thing brother spoiled me during her visit and we have gotten closer I think.

“Mother I will go up and rest.”

Gu Jiao then turned and left. Entering her room an idea pops to her mind, she made a visit to her brothers room, when she saw no one inside she made her way to the connecting door to his study room.

Li Jun open the door seeing Gu Jiao small body swaying left and right. A questioning look was visible.

Gu Jiao:”Brother rub, want” pitifully rubbing her stomach looking at Li Jun with upturned look with a little doze of smile. (っ- ‸ – ς)

Li Jun eyes flash quickly, he steps to the side to let Gu Jiao enter the study.

Gu Jiao was shock, the restricted territory was conquered all of a sudden just like that? What kind of luck is this. Brother was getting more and more unpredictable? Don’t he have any bottom line anymore, because he just let me do whatever i want?щ (*ㅇ△ Φ☆)ノ

Gu Jiao:”…..”(*>_<*)

Li Jun:”Aren’t you still coming? If you don’t then just close the door.”

Gu Jiao was awoken from her daze and enter then she slowly close the door, turning to the boy sitting on the sofa reading she made her way to him.

Li Jun lifted his gaze and pat his lap indicating for Gu Jiao to sit on his lap.

Gu Jiao heart gave a sudden jerk, it keeps on giving a thump thump action. She was shy but still slowly made her way to his lap.ε=ε=ε=ε=ε” “(/*’-‘*)/

Li Jun was also puzzled to his action as well but feeling the small warm body in his embrace a satisfactory feeling settled within him.

Gu Jiao was some what disappointed awhile ago, big brother did not come look for me the entire day (っ- ‸ – ς), but she now feels comforted and pampered in Li Jun’s lap, it doesn’t matter maybe big brother is busy that is why he did not come find me, unconsciously pouting her lips thinking so. (╯3╰)

 Actually Li Jun had gone to pick up Gu Jiao today, but Gu Fan was a step faster. Li Jun just silently left giving mother and daughter sometime together.

Li Jun had a calm temperament, he was not one that enjoyed explaining himself, seeing the small one pouting her lips, he’d rather ignore it and continued on looking at some book in his hand, he did not expect that as soon as he start reading not paying attention to her, his clothes had been caught by the little claws. 

Li Jun just gave her a pat on the head and continued on rubbing her stomach. 

‘Whatever, as long as big brother rubs and let me sit in his lap everything is fine.’

The two didn’t say anything and just maintained there silence and continued there action, Li Jun reading on one hand while rubbing Gu Jiao stomach to the other, and the little rabbit who was contented being pet slowly fell asleep. ( ु⁎ᴗᵨᴗ⁎)ु.zZ


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