Chapter 28


Gu Fan pursed her lips, she pulled the Li Cheng’s big hands with grief:”Jiao’er……had not seen anything in the countryside and still young. If she sees anything good she’ll just want to stuff it in her mouth and she is still easily deceived by others specially those who wants to harm her. And regarding about the milk I don’t know how it became spoiled, I have also drunk from it. But when Li Jun gave Jiao’er to drink it become spoiled. It’s all my fault, if I had only kept watch over Jiao’er carefully……” 

“Don’t cry, it’s not your fault. I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“Xiao Jun that child is really sensible, he sent Jiao’er to the hospital and even watched her overnight, oh, where did he go?”

“He went to rest.”

She gave the man a glance, Gu Fan was dissatisfied:”I know you have high hopes for him, but he’s still just a child, your body is important, he should have let you rest first. Your already so tired directly coming here from your flight.”

“He’s twelve, he’s still young and his health is also important, you shouldn’t go to work today, go home and take a rest.”

“How could I do that? There were many projects that where lined up that needs my assistance. You also needs to rest I will go to the company to relieve some of your worry. As your wife I need to help you with your burden, I want to care for you to the end.”

Li Cheng gave a complicated glance at her. Li Cheng was still a man and was alone for over many years without someone caring for him, seeing Gu Fan like this, he was somehow moved by Gu Fan’s care. 

The two left, the room became quiet, only then did Gu Jiao open her eyes, earlier the two where somehow made a lot of noise that awoken her, can’t sleep even if she wanted to, that mother of her’s is truly an amazing actress, she was able to master having a white lotus character.

[*white lotus – Innocent Mary Sue type characters who are soft and weak]

She gave a sneered inside her heart hearing what was talked about, she was truly amaze how can her mother wash clean herself and silently gave the blame to her big brother. Truly amazing, it opens my eyes to another level.

Gu Jiao sighed to herself having a mother who can sacrifice her daughter for her plot. She can only cry without tears, who can she blame having a mother like that. Gu Jiao somehow remember that during the previous life how many times she was sent to the hospital, she frowned slightly, her body is truly weak and fragile, in the past life she had many poisoning accident that she lost count, Gu Jiao thought it that most of them were Li Jun’s order’s, but if she thought carefully was really designed by Gu Fan.  Other poisoning incident were of course done by those vicious “friend” of her.

She can’t just stomach it like that! 

You put me in a miserable situation, then I will throw you into the 18th floor of hell! But right now I will rest I’ll let you dance happily for awhile. Gu Jiao returned to sleeping.


Li Jun returned to the hospital, after taking some rest and a bath. He brought some light food for the little one. Entering the room silently, he saw Gu Jiao sleeping peacefully. 

Observing her carefully, he saw she was still pale and lost some weight just overnight. Seeing her like this his heart somehow was squeeze. 

Gu Jiao felt that someone was beside her. Opening her slowly turning to her side, she recognize Li Jun standing and looking at her in a dazedly manner, she called him weakly: ” Brother?”

Li Jun returned to from his stupor, hearing her weak voice, his heart was squeeze again, a frowned was visible in his brows: “How are you feeling? I brought a porridge for you to eat.”

“Brother, thank you. Jiao’er is fine just my stomach hurts.”

“Do you want me to call for the doctor?”

“No… just hammmm… Can big brother rub my stomach?”

Li Jun was stupefied with her request. Gu Fan was nervious she was gambling little by little so Li Jun would be used to her presence. When she saw Li Jun sat beside her, lift her in his lap and reach his hand to rub her stomach. She let out a relieve sigh. Her brother is really caring, this further confirm that Gu Fan would be the one who really arrange for the poisoning.

Wait, she was just joking about the rubbing but why this male god really rub her stomach.

Gu Jiao:

But seriously speaking aren’t my brother a little to doting. In my memory he was an existence that can’t be touch and won’t show and tenderness. He was cold and cruel with his means specially with his enemy.

Sooo… Thus him rubbing me like a cat is truly absorb? Is he really my brother. This life is really had gone astray from the previous one.

Gu Jiao was again left dumbfounded by Li Jun. Well, whatever him rubbing me is really soothing I want to purr like a cat. Meow

Li Jun seeing her curl like a cat in his embrace… Make his heart ithchy and there was thing warm feeling. Unconsciously he was excluding a doting look on his face. This little sister of his is truly easy to satisfy. This incident would be mark as a debt on those who harm his sister. He regretted he let his guard down making his sister suffer under his watch. In Li Jun’s mind this incident was a trigger on his protectiveness with him knowing.

It was the same as the previous life, and the poisoning incident had been all but forgotten, the results of the laboratory tests ruled it out as food poisoning and nothing was added to the milk, it was just plainly expired milk.

Li Cheng trusts Li Jun  and he somehow takes to consideration that Gu Fan would not do it because she was the mother. This incident was left as an accident where she gained a laboratory test results that shows her having a lactose intolerance.

Li Wei was sulking, he wanted to make trouble for Gu Fan, and ended up getting into an argument with his son, a vase was broken as a result, and the old man had a heart attack, Li Cheng felt extremely regretful, the house was in chaos, who would still care about the truth in such a situation like this? 


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