Chapter 27


Li Jun was currently discussing with the president of the hospital, after a short while, Li Wei who had received the news rushed to the hospital:”What happened? My little princess Jiao’er!”

His heart ached very much, Gu Jiao laid down on the bed with a pale face, a variety of devices buzzed, a cold liquid slowly flowed into the little one’s body:”How did you look after the child?”

This scene is not right, the old man should be questioning Li Jun instead not her. Gu Fan was just dumbfounded for a moment then she started to cry grievingly. °(ಗдಗ。)°.

“I’m not falling for this one, speak up.”(╬ಠ益ಠ)

Right grandpa lecture her! My poor stomach hurts! buhuhu… 

In front of a group of doctors, nurses, and the director, Li Wei did not give her any face at all, Gu Fan was humiliated andd she hated it, but it was unfortunate that one must lower their head under an eave:”Jiao’er drank milk……”

Under normal circumstances, the old man should be asking what’s wrong with the milk, but Li Wei did not, he is not an ordinary old man:”Why are you just speaking halfway are you ill or something? Stop stirring up trouble, what actually happened? If you speak half a lie, I will immediately have Li Cheng divorce you, don’t think that you’re part of the Li family as long as Gave custody of Jiao’er, your daughter can stay, but you are not qualified!”

They’ve already married, she’s the legal wife, in front of everyone Gu Fan has to give the old man some face, she can’t refute:”By the time I found out, Li Jun had already carried Jiao’er to the car and left, I……really don’t know the situation, you should ask the doctor, I heard it was……poisoning,”she held her mouth silently and cried. 

‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

Anyone who saw Gu Fan’s current look, would feel bad. Mother was being bullied by the head. Ouch…


Li Wei did not look at her anymore, his gaze fell closely on the president’s body, the president had already started to have a cold sweat:”The young miss was indeed poisoned, the thing was the milk is expired still being tested if there was any other thing that was mix with it, we’ve already given her a gastric lavage, because she was sent over in time, the young miss is in a good condition, if there are no abnormal symptoms tonight, she can leave the hospital tomorrow.” 。゚(゚’Д’゚)゚。

“Mm, you’ve worked hard,”Li Wei loosened his breath, but his face was still taut, he sent a glance over to Gu Fan:”Why are you standing there and not going home?”

“I, I want to watch Jiao’er.” ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

“What a joke, you want to watch over the child you abandoned for so many years?”(◣д◢)☞

Li Wei hated this point the most, he did not get to take care of his granddaughter’s childhood, and now she’s already in this old was still sent in the hospital under her watch. 

Li Wei wanted to give him a spoiling but he was too embarrassed to even lift his hands, how vexing: “Take good care of your health, take a good rest, don’t fill your head with ideas of seeking after personal gains, if you stay the same as before, don’t blame me for turning ruthless, get lost.”

Get lost, these words made Gu Fan’s face redden up like blood, she couldn’t just stand, but leaving is even more shameful, the president was still the one with better judgement, he lifted his hand, and send her out, after sending her to the parking lot she advised her a bit, and watched the car leave. 

Gu Fan took out her cellphone, she endured the desire to complain to Li Cheng, her nails scratched across the LV phone case hatefully, her eyes were filled with a grim and sinister light, damn old man, nobody can block my path, don’t blame me, don’t blame me…… If an accident occurred to you.

Li Cheng rushed back through the night, he landed early the next morning, and rushed without stopping to the hospital, Gu Jiao’s complexion was normal, and her breathing was smooth, she had not woken up, actually she was tossing around, and slept really well. (︶。︶✽)

“How did she get poisoned?”Li Cheng patted the shoulder of the elder son by the bed side.

” They said the milk was expired.”

Li Cheng frowned his complexion did not look good:”Why would a spoiled goods still linger around the house! Are those staff at home for decoration?!” ( ╬◣ 益◢)

“They couldn’t figure it out why something like that was left behind.” 

The monitoring in his house had always had no dead angles, all the entrances and all, even if it was a grape it would be checked before entering the Li residence and the same when taking out the spoiled foods, the people who could move around in the villa were all servants who knew their place and protocol. Li Jun had double check the milk before pouring it out for Gu Jiao to drink. Someone had left the spoiled  milk intentionally replacing the inside carton of spoiled milk, after Li Jun came in contact with it something happened to Gu Jiao. 

All this indicates that, someone had made a move against Li Jun:”Xiao Jun, you should be go home to rest you’ve watch Jiao’er for the whole night already.” 


Once Li Jun left, the driver walked in:”Chairman, the milk had been checked before it was put in the fridge, other than the mistress the only people who touched it was the elder young master and the mistress. But the mistress also drunk the milk last night in the video.”

Following that, he repeated everything that had happened last night from the start to the end. 

Gu Fan? Then why was she not affected?

Li Cheng trusts his own judgement, but he trusts the character of his elder son even more, just then, Gu Fan pushed open the door and entered:”Husband, you’re back?”

Her eyes were red. 


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