Chapter 26


This is too unbelievable, unless I have a strange disease of sleepwalking that I don’t even know about? Not possible, even if it were true, her friends would’ve mentioned it in her last life or anyone in the house would have notice if she really sleepwalk. Right? (இ﹏இ’。)

Gu Jiao was in big predicament. Slowly she was trying to unattached herself to Li Jun’s body. Her action where so careful as to not wake her brother up. After getting away, she silently made her way out of Li Jun’s room.

Opening the door a soft creak sound was heard. She turned back to see if the sleeping boy was woken by the sound,  narrowed her eyes, brother is still sleeping, and his posture was the same as before. Safe! Letting out a relieve breath she slowly enter her room and quietly close the door.

Li Jun who was laying on the bed slowly open his eyes. Turning his haze to the close connection door, a light glint in the corner of his eyes, his lips curled in a small smile. Then a full bloom chuckled was release by him. 

Li Wei went to his friend to catch up, there were only the three of them at home right now, all the important people were not present, so Gu Fan slept until she woke up naturally and sat arrogantly in the living room ordering the staff left and right like a queen.

” Jiao’er, come down earlier next time, don’t let the elders wait.” 


Gu Fan frowned slightly and was just about to discipline her, then Li Jun came down the stairs, this little brat’s appearance is more handsome compared to Li Cheng, when he gets older he would probably be as elegant as a jade tree, even more naturally refined. And just his cool and contemptuous attitude, most people won’t be able to learn it. And with his capability just thinking about it made her mood sour. The good melon was not crawled out from her own stomach, what an eyesore. 

Li Jun did not greet her, and did not even look at this mother and daughter pair, he went straight out the door. 

“How rude, he’s too unruly.”Gu Fan was extremely angry, she gave a few glances to Gu Jiao from the top down:”You need to work hard to improve, you have to make it so that he can’t compare to you, otherwise how am I going to take care of you if where in the bottom of the hierarchy in this house? Jiao’er, remember you’re a the only heiress so you must have an indomitable spirit, elegant and refined manners help your mother out more for our future in this household, alright?” 

“Mm.” ‘what future hump! you’re just thinking of your own future! (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )

Gu Fan who still had many things she wanted to say suddenly lost her vitality, Gu Jiao was currently eating, and her head did not raise at all. All Gu Fan’s lecture just got to her right ear then pass thru her left ear.

If you say Li Jun is rude, you can turn the explanation around, other people had their status in place, they had the right to be arrogant. Gu Jioa could not even compare to other people’s fingertips, what should she do? So just be quiet and eat. Hump! (ಠ ∩ಠ)

GU Fan’s eyes brightened up:”You have to get along well with him! Have a chat, read some books, if you have anything you don’t understand ask him immediately!” 

“I’m done eating, Mother I’m going now.”Gu Jiao followed the driver holding her schoolbag and left. 

Gu Fan felt dejected in her heart, how could Gu Jiao’s temper be so laid back and care free. This won’t do! 

No matter how the woman tries to complicate things, Gu Jiao will not care about it, it’ll be fine if she reduces the amount of time she has to be in contact with her.

After graduating from university her big brother will become like an iron wall, if she doesn’t take advantage of being re-birthed to get out of this mess, then how long is she going to stay like this? But her words were revealing some strange intentions, she must be planning something.

At night she really made a move, after Gu Jiao finished drinking the milk handed over by Li Jun, she had an unbearable stomach ache, and was admitted to the hospital. The reason was poisoning from expired food. Seriously can’t you even think of something noticeable.

 Even a brain dead person would know that Li Jun won’t be blame by this incident! (╬⓪益⓪) Buhuhuhu my poor stomach you have suffered… 、ヽ`(~д~*)、ヽ`

Gu Fan covered her mouth, after taking a look at Li Jun she became silent. (≖ლ≖๑ )フ

Truly an actress worthy of Oscar award! (╬ಠ益ಠ)



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