Chapter 25


After school ended in the afternoon, Gu Jiao walked together with her classmates to the school gates and separated with a smile, it’s too conspicuous here, Gu Jiao didn’t want to get tangled up with rich good-for-nothings brats, she would rather walk to the front in big strides, and send a text message to her brother, to have them meet at the crossroads.

When Gu Jiao reached the locations, a low-profile Rolls Royce wound down its car window, and her brother’s divine side profile was revealed, she was so young yet his gaze could already enrapture one’s soul, incomparably sharp. Yet he was more contained when he grew up, but that powerful and imposing attitude was even stronger, he is a cut above the rest, and gave people a feeling of awe in their hearts. “Get on.”

Aiya, even his voice sounds good, God really is partial, Gu Jiao quickly got on, he was very scared of angering her brother. Is there a tyrant? There’s one by her side, her little life can’t afford to offend this male god, thank god he doesn’t do domestic violence o(╯□╰)o

The car stopped at the underground parking lot behind the private hospital, the sturdy bodyguard opened the car door, Gu Jiao was dragged by Li Jun down the car and walked inside, and took the VIP elevator, front and back left and right were four expressionless bodyguards……

Is this part of the parade why were they in a hospital, wait are they going to dispose her secretly? (ó﹏ò。) Is this her last already buhuhu… Gu Jiao tag her brother’s clothes.

Li Jun turned to her upon seeing her scared look. He sighed: “Were here for physical examination so be good”

“oh” Gu Jiao thought, then why the entourage this is clearly a scene from being sent to the butcher house.

Gu Jiao was still really felt afraid, could it be a paternity test? It could be, it’s quite normal for her brother to do this, don’t pay it any mind, please don’t pay it any mind, everything had been progressing well to this day, the two were getting closer and closer, but no matter how you try to soothe yourself it’s useless, just like a crevice, it made Gu Jiao’s heart feel extremely uncomfortable. The smile on the small person’s face is gone, she had gone very quiet, following him closely, she made no extra movements, just like a doll with no soul, uncomfortable, watching this Gu Jiao with no vitality, Li Jun’s heart tightened up, even his heroic brows were knitted together:”How was your lessons, were you able to catch up?”

He took initiative to speak? Gu Jiao who had turned back to normal was happy:”Very good, hmm was able to catch up just fine.”

SHe still had a dispirited look, she was already grumpy when she wake up this morning, could it be she was having a bad dream last night, a nightmare?

For the first time, Li Jun had constantly pondered about Gu Jiao’s issues, when they entered the medical room the child’s face became as white as a sheet, Li Jun vaguely understood:”You don’t look too healthy, dad is worried but he’s been too busy, so he had me bring you over for a physical examination.”

Gu Jiao lifted her head and looked over pitifully, is the tall brother explaining himself? Facing the pitiful watery eyes of the little one, Li Jun’s gaze had also softened:”We’ve hired a nutritionist at home, they’ll be responsible for your diet.”

Hey……He actually said so many words, his pampering was quite overwhelming! The hospital belonged to the Li family, the older young master had arrived, the president came out personally to greet them, and accompanied them to a series of inspections, the report came out very fast, it was just some malnutrition, there was no physical illness.

Li Jun sent Li Cheng a text message to notify him, Li Cheng was very chagrined, he was unexpectedly not as attentive as his eldest son, recently he had been too busy and neglected them, he apologized.

Gu Fan came out from the washroom:”Chairman what’s wrong?”

In the office, Gu fan maintained theri public and private lives separated, she never called Li Cheng husband in public places. With a high working efficiency, and minimal errors, dressed in a tailored suit, gentle but the modesty is not lost, it looks good:”Let’s take the kids out to eat tonight”

And casually have some concern for Gu Fan as well, after all it’s her first day of school, she must have a lot to talk about. Once he thought of that child with a good smile, the man happily narrowed his eyes, he have to compensate alot with his princess.

“You’re right,” Li Cheng pulled his small and exquisite wife into his embrace, and kissed her cheeks, giving Gu Fan a surprise for the sudden intimate moves. Li Wei was envious of those old friends of his with lots of children, and was a single child, for all these years I’ve only had Li Jun this one child: ” Gu Fan, thank you for giving birth to Gu Jiao for me. Let’s start anew along with this our family.”

Gu Fan shyly gave the man a nod and a smile, giving a return kiss, it was extremely teasing, her eyes were shining, and helplessly withdrew into the man’s embrace, then closed her eyes.

Something happened overseas, Li Cheng left at night, in the end he was not able to rush back to have a meal with his two kids. The night settled in, once again the door sounded:”Come in.”

Li Jun pushed the door and entered, seeing Gu Jiao yawning again and again:”Good evening big brother.”

“Does your arm still hurt?” Li Wei subconsciously lifted up the arm that he had blood taken from, and moved it closer to Gu Fan’s face:”It’s bruised, painful.”

Li Jun picked up the telephone seemingly wanting to call the doctor over, Gu Jiao hurriedly pulled on his arm:”It’s fine, it’ll get better if I blow it a bit.”

He put down the phone, Li Jun’s gaze fell on the snow-white arm, Gu Jiao really did not think, that his brother would lower his head to blow on it:”Does it still hurt?”

I’ve seen a ghost, Gu Jiao rubbed her eyes then blink, her soul have just flew out of her body from fright. She shook her head to wake herself up:”Big brother, I want to go to bed.”

Li Jun gave her a look as if waiting for something.

Gu Jiao look at him puzzledly, ‘what are you still waiting for I said I want to sleep! What are you still looking at?’ (‘・ェ・`)

Li Jun frowned and felt little disappointed. Thinking that she was able to sleep on her own. He turned to leave.

Li Jun turned to her one more time, seeing him turned to her, Gu Jiao closed her eyes:”Big brother good night.”


Hearing no response, she opened her eyes again looking at Li Jun pitifully”Good night big brother.”

“Good night.”

SHe hesitated for a moment, Gu Jiao get up, got near to Li Jun, she tiptoed and tag Li Jun sleeves. Li Jun subconsciously leaned closer to Gu Jiao , and when Li Jun looked over with a puzzled expression, there was a warmth on his cheek, he had been kissed again!

“Good night!”Gu Jiao hurriedly back to bed, closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. But she was actually very happy, she had taken advantage of his brother yet again, he had a look of being overly startled, hahahahaha…… All the bad mood had gone away… So happy this entire lifetime, too exciting, it turns out her brother also has such a cute and tender side of him, how interesting.


Nothing was said that night, they both slept well, early next morning, after Shu Ning woke up she was yet again given a fright for her life, she was resting atop of Li Jun’s body!

 Σ(・口・)… 囧

Gu Jiao: (゚ω゚;)

Her leg was resting across Li Jun’s body again, and not only that, even her arms were on her brother’s neck , just like….. hugging him, too terrifying!

‘Why was she here! And what was this position again?! Σ(T□T) Want to dig a hole to hide in! Buhuhu… (┳Д┳)She is truly finish this time!

Please readers just light a candle for me… Goodbye everyone my life is over. ヾ( ‘ – ‘*)


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