Chapter 24


Gu Fan had made breakfast again, five people shared four dishes and a pot of soup, from the looks of it there was a perfect combination of color, aroma, taste, and appearance, not bad.

Li Cheng who came back this morning,he was able to witness Gu Fan’s ‘hardwork’ to become a proper mistress. Looking at her busying around the table to serve every one he stared at grandpa Li with a look of ‘she’s changing for the better.’

Old man Li stared at Gu Fan with unfathomable gaze, his dissatisfaction grew more than before, ‘what an actress this home wrecker is’.

Gu Fanwas also wondering, this old man is so difficult to serve, unless he still wants me to kneel and grovel to him? People who are old already should be open-minded, if not don’t blame me for pretending to not see if you ever get a ‘sudden’ complication due to old age. Despite her thinking of such evil thoughts, her movements were still very fluent, filling up the bowls of the grandfather, husband, eldest son, younger daughter and whatnot, were very considerate.

Gu Jiao who is observing the whole ordeal cheered for her mother, in her mind she thought ‘you can do this, I still need to see my future little brother to be born so I’ll let you do whatever you want and just be merry watching your spectacular acting, father is not blind after all and especially not dumb being the president of a company for so long. Let’s wait and see until when you be able to hide your truw face. ‘

Li Wei finally gave her some face, he drank the soup sent over to him by Gu Fan.

When there are many people around Li Jun had never liked speaking with Gu Jiao specifically if Gu Fan is around, and Gu Jiao wouldn’t initiate conversations with him, being careful as to not give Gu Fan some idea that would bring a lot of trouble to both her and Li Jun.

Li Cheng came home to accompany his daughter first her lesson even if its not a formal schooling its still have many prestigious family young miss and master. Li Cheng thought if he did not accompany Gu Jiao today and give her support her princess would be bullied by those kids from those family. Gu Fan upon learning about this did not waste any more thought, she tag along on sending Gu Jiao to her remidial lessons.

Li CHeng had his driver to send him with his bodyguards that are very professional andvery strong, the entourage was complete. Gu Jiao got on Li Cheng’s car, and they set off smoothly towards the remidial school. This remedial school she was enrolled innwas also the school she would be attending in the future, they gave supplementary and remedial courses during summer. Compared to her previous life the treatment she received was the difference between heaven and earth, there was sincerity.  The principal waited at the entrance, smiling amiably, even the class teacher in charge of her was here, everyone introduced themselves, they talked and joked, it was unlike a school but more like a meet of exchange. Remembering that in her past life treatment when she was about to attend school these people didn’t even show their face and just let her be. Having her father accompany her really is different.

The principal and teacher praised Gu Jiao with euphemisms, their words were suitable. HUMP! How would you know that I was smart! We just met by now! Your digging me a grave with your words! What if I didn’t perform well in this lessons, I’ll be mock around with your word of praises! Hump so unhappy… (*・ε・*)

LiCheng was amiable as he listened, Gu Fan’s smile was like Mona Liza forever elegant and blooming. Just like that, the principal had received the money for renovations. The principal’s smile had become even more cordial, he had even started referring to him as a grandchild.

Gu Jiao rolled her eyes secretly in her heart, in her last life, as soon as Gu Fan mentioned anything related about her schooling, her face would darken, but Gu Fan was so good at being busy!

She had immediately passed the hot potato to the steward to take care of, and went to work. At night, Gu Fan came back to coax her, Gu Jiao knew she was in a tight spot, so she easily forgave her mother.

There are forty little kids in the classroom, after the introductions, the teacher felt a bit puzzled, how should I arrange this? There are no empty seats, and they were all neat and it was hard to slip one in, so she simply added a seat at the very front, it was closest to the black board, and the most prominent, with one look you could tell his status was different, and unusual.

Gu Jiao:”……”she was dumbfounded. D@mn! This treatment she don’t need this! (-公- 😉

Can I not go, brother I want to retract from are negotiation? This won’t do, if this goes on I’ll have a mental disease, the examination for grade skipping is still two or three months away, how would she be able to live tru this!

Gu Jiao who was already grumpy had turned her mood more sour. She was really in a bad mood. ( ̄ε(# ̄)

She confidently opened up the book and flipped through the pages…… Oh……I’ve forgotten almost all of it, other subjects are still fine, but math is too hard, time to study it all over again.

I’m so pitiful, I’ve obviously already graduated for so many years/(ㄒo ㄒ)/~~ This is the drawback of this rebirth, there’s the good and the bad, you have to accept it.

After all her soul was that of a twenty-five some year old, this lesson are testing her memory to thee fullest but once she gets serious, her efficiency will be very high, it’s not too much to describe it as making phenomenal progress.

The teacher saw how obedient she was, and liked her even more. The principal walked over from outside, and was extremely satisfied with the teacher’s arrangements. During break, several boys were very curious about this cute bunny, but it was still the girls who were more open:”Are you relatives with the principal?”

Another fat girl pressed close:”Yeah yeah, I saw the principal walking with you, how impressive. And who are the others? Your parents?”

SHe was bombarded with questions, but Gu Jiao was not bothered:”I’m a new student to this schools and lost my way, and just so happened to meet the principal along my way, so he went with me to the office.”

“Oh!”A sneaky girl turned around and went back to her seat, she curled her lips in disdain, seeing how well dressed the new kid was, it seems she had a good birth, didn’t think she was actually just pretending to be a rich person, humph, waste of time.

After chatting for a while, class quickly started again, at lunch she ate a big pot of rice at the canteen, Gu Jiao had gotten to know some aristocratic kids, the boys frequently gave her a glance, very curious. But they were after all a group of children, Gu Jiao wanted to keep a straight face but she couldn’t, good attitude, and smart, she quickly got along with the girls, some of the boys shook their heads, her stature is too short and too thin the desparity is to obvious with their group. In their mind she was just an ordinary girl and a malnourished one at that. Such a poor thing can’t even afford her food to eat properly yet still dare to enrol to this school.


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