Chapter 23


Waking up the next morning, a certain child 囧, she blushed to her ears, her whole body was already atop of Li Jun’s body! This kind of position is truly frighting her little heart.

How did this happen? Any wandering immortals please descend down to this world and save me! If big brother woke up and are position is like this buhuhu… I won’t be able to keep my little life!  ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ Maybe I should have bought a funeral service and land for my corpse with the red pocket given to me last night I would be able to buy something decently. ((;゚Д゚)

What happen last night, how come she was in this position. She had been sleeping here for so for how many nights already but this was the first time, her waking up in this situation. Maybe she really just slept well and move around a bit. Let’s just pretend nothing out of ordinary happened… ( ̄ー ̄)

Right now this situation can’t be delayed, if by chance her brother wakes up, She is doomed, the hair lacing her forehead was wet with cold sweat, Gu Jiao could also be considered as being used to seeing great storms, she took a deep breath and slowly pulled her leg out then slowly lifting her hands and body away from Li Jun, lucky lucky, brother didn’t wake up, if not I can’t climb into his bed anymore.

People who can sleep by his side, are definitely people he’s most assured of, then people who can touch him and get neat him while he’s asleep is only reserved to his future lover. Just thinking about that future lover who she haven’t met even in their last life, imagining a scene where an unknown woman was dragging her out of Li Jun’s bed suffering from tragic death… Buhuhuhu ╥﹏╥ her little life is really not safe maybe she needs to cool down a little. Needs to sleep on my own for tonight as to not aggravate brother les I want to waste all effort getting close to him so far.

Gu Jiao sighed grieving for life, might as well look at Li Jun’s handsome face instead, but as a result of her lifting her head to look over, her brother’s eyes are open!

Gu Jiao jump from fright… Σ(T□T) Uh, that nearly scared me to death? Good thing brother didn’t know what happened… Or else ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)

Gu Jiao was like a deer caught in the head light trying to look calm:”Good morning brother.”

Seeing that guilty look and blushing face first thing in the morning makes art itchy.

“Today is your first day of lesson for remedial courses, don’t be late.” He truly is an outstanding big brother, his heart is dedicated to studying, while I’m only thinking about how to get away to my sins! (ノ≧ڡ≦)

The disparity of a great gulf. Gu Jiao’s little adoring gaze was filled with stars:”Mm, I’ll go brush my teeth.”

Go, why aren’t you going and still looking at me? Li Jun was puzzled, then suddenly understood:”Mm.”

Gu Jiao gave a dry laugh, kicked off the blanket, and ran off with her little short legs!

Li Jun shook his head, and unexpectedly he felt as if he were tempted by the devils, for just a moment earlier he really wanted to lift his hand and give that smooth hair a touch, He unbuttoned his pajamas, and just when he was about to take it off, the child hurriedly pushed open the door and ran in. Looking at her with a blank look then as if she had seen something was stalking her, she quickly turned her head, she clutched onto the edge of her pillow and ran off in a fluster.

Li Jun :”……”

Gu Jiao who was standing outside had a terrible look on her face, oh great gods why does this early in the morning she was being condemned by fate it is her time to go die already? Buhuhuhu ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

She already sin waking up like that but was able to dodge the great calamity but just now she was caught peeking buhuhu it was unintentional ok she really just wants her beloved pillow back! ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

But let’s put Gu Jiao’s death aside. She was still manage to see (/≧ω\) some of Li Jun’s body. Despite his young age, Li Jun was so slim, and he actually had four pack muscles already, this isn’t scientific. How come with that age this old aunty can already drool ( ̄¬ ̄) ! That body is truly sinful!

Gu Jiao who had returned to her room pulled up her pajamas, and stared at the her body, there’s nothing to see at all truly a bean sprout……

Gu Jiao:”…”

You’re gonna die one day if you keep comparing with people! So unfair! No curves! No mountain to see!  Buhuhu…. My mountains when will i be able to see both of you again…

Fine, let wait and see in due time my mountains will grow to hump!

Gu Jiao quickly brushed his teeth and washed her face, then went down to eat, Li Jun had already calmly sat down and was reading the finance newspaper. Young man, do you need to be this powerful? Can’t you give other people a chance.

Gu Jiao:”…” (ノꐦ ◎曲◎)ノ=͟͟͞͞ ⌨

Are you an old uncle reading newspaper in the morning and finance section at that Hump! So unhappy with a body like that buhuhu I was reminded again…


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