Chapter 22


Gu Jiao quietly stayed in her room and she started playing games, until the dead of night, then she heard Li Jun’s door sounded once again. In awhile the connecting door was opened, Li Jun came in. 

Gu Jiao got up and run to Li Jun: “Brother?” 

Li Jun turn his gaze downward with his tall height, about half a head taller than his peers, standing in front of this bean sprout he looked like an adult:”Can’t sleep?”

Gu Jiao nodded her head looking upward to her brother blinking several time making her look cute. (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

The small child hugged the pillow she carried along as she rubbed her eyes. 

Li Jun looked steadily at her for a moment, then made way for her to go to the other side of the door. Gu Jiao gave her a puzzled gaze?

‘Is there something wrong with big brothers head? I’m already giving him some day off to sleep alone… Why is he still letting me…’

Gu Jiao thought for a moment for what ever reason Li Jun wants her to sleep in his room it doesn’t really matter as long as opportunity knocks on her door she will happily grab it. Gu Jiao gave her brother a small then run to Li Jun’s bed and made a jump. 

Seeing the bouncing rabbit (๑╹ᆺ╹) atop of his bed Li Jun’s eyes flashed. 

Gu Jiao hugged the bed sheet smelling the familiar husky fragrant she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Trying to get close to this great god, really isn’t something a mortal like her should be doing, fixing her position in hurried manner she laid down well on the bed, attacking her brothers territory is the first step, giving him brotherly respect and privacy is the second, and opening up his heart is the third step. Taking to consideration Li Jun’s vigilant heart. Gu Jiao felt that her road to a leisure heart is a long long one! (_ _|||)

Just thing about it make her feel depressed. Turning her gaze to Li Jun who was preparing somethings on the side. Make her feel in odd but thinking about it she making a big progress where her brother was the one to invite for her to sleep here! It’s already a miracle! (‘v`)

Li Jun turned around and went downstairs to to warm up a cup of milk, then handed it over to Gu Jiao, and stared at he till she was able to finished it:”Wait for me at the building entrance after your lesson tomorrow. I’ll come and fetch you.” 

“Mm,” Gu Jiao’s face did not change, she hesitated for a moment and immediately flew into her brother’s embrace, and immediately let go when she noticed his whole body going stiff, she lifted up a smile:”Brother you’re so nice!” 

That moment when they touched just now, Li Jun nearly pushed her away, the little one had already obediently laid down on the bed, big eyes glittering, seeing no movements from himself, she even dropped her head uncertainly, she stretched out a thing, small hand and patted to her side:”Come on!” (◕‿◕✿)

Mm……He suddenly felt a bit unhappy, his heart jittery, why is that?

Li Jun did not think about it, and laid down on the place where the child had patted, his heart felt strange again, he did not know why. He closed his eyes, smoothened out his breaths, and the child was very gutsy this time, she leaned over to observe, she exhaled breaths puffed onto Li Jun’s neck, like a brush sweeping past, very itchy, if not for Li Jun’s high resistance, he definitely could not resist sitting up and giving a lecture to this naughty kid who wouldn’t sleep.

Regardless of whether his core was twent-ish some years old, her body’s age is still that of an eight year old child, after a short while, Gu Jiao fell asleep.

Li Jun opened his expressionless eyes and got up, he turned on his computer and looked at the monitor, watching if this small rabbit have come in any contact to her mother today. Watching the video of the entire day in a fast forward manner seeing that nothing amiss happen except the image where Gu Jiao followed him until to his study room door contemplating to come inside or not. Checking the entire thing, Li Jun was assured that nothing is wrong.

Li Jun went back to bed and laid down, GU Jiao rolled over as if she were afraid of the cold, the two sticking together made Li JUn feel slightly uncomfortable. He shifted towards Gu Jiao who’s sleeping peacefully his eyes glinting he lean closer then gave a gentle peck to the little rabbits cheek before falling asleep. 

If Gu Jiao was still wake she would jump in fright! Imagine her male god giving her a kiss just what kind of sickness has gotten a hold of him. But sadly she was already in her dreamland. 😴

In the dead of the night, Gu Fan finally came back, her coming back just now was naturally to cheat Gu Jiao into sleeping on her own, if not Li Cheng would not let her go to the office if he knew the child could not sleep without waiting for her mother. Gu Fan had high ambitions, of course she would not allow anyone to hinder her. Tiring, after the whole day from working, planting some spy and doing anything made her feel out of strength, since the husband isn’t coming back anyway, Gu Fan directly went to the the other room beside the master’s on the third floor to sleep. 


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