Chapter 21


Li Cheng was very busy, Gu Fan being her secretary, and naturally wasn’t willing to idle around at home, and stayed in her husband’s company to help out. At night Li Wei happily finished his meal with his two grandchild, and sat in the living room sofa to chat, when it was time to go up to rest, Li Wei handed out a red envelope again saying that it was a second portion of their winnings and as a welcome gift for Gu Jiao .

Gu Jiao froze, secretly thinking that in her previous life her dad gave her a red envelope worth fifty thousand when she just entered the house, and in this lifetime it was probably gone, but she didn’t think her grandfather would be so generous giving red pocket twice! Money money come to your mother! ≖‿≖

“Thank you grandpa!”Gu Jiao stretched her little hands out and received it, feeling quite happy. ⊂◉‿◉つ

Everyone just thought she did not understand the worth of this red envelope, so they did not mind, as long as she is happy even if it  a thousand red pocket it would be worth it. Just that all the suffering she endured thru the years can’t be compensated by this red pocket. 

Gu Jiao is truly happy with many red pockets she receive specially right now she was still young and needed money for her plans even if it makes her look like a money grabbing machine that if opportunity rises she would grab!

Li Wei’s heart blossomed with happiness, no matter how Li Jun had called him grandpa he did not feel anything, a biological grandchild is great after all and an adorable girl like Gu Jiao at that, it was great no matter how you saw it, he touched his beard, Li Wei stood up and clasped his hands behind his back, and left with an unpredictable and deep look on his face. 

Li Jun stood up and walked upstairs, tiny footsteps sounded behind him, Li Jun who had always been a lone wolf had not gotten used to it, he wrinkled his eyebrows and looked back at her.

Gu Jiao responded slowly and lifted her head as she drank her juice:”Brother?”

The voice was small and soft, Li Jun did not know what to say, he turned around and walked up with quick steps, the sound of running came from behind him, he could imagine how fast the person’s short legs moved. Making him feel at odd hearing those tiny steps from his behind. Li Jun makes his stride faster, Gu Jiao still followed him while in a running pace her breath became short and she was out of breath. Li Jun felt that the small rabbit jumping behind him slowed down.

Unconsciously, Li Jun also slowed down his steps, only then did the small rabbit (‘・×・`) manage to catch up with him. A strange feeling rose up in him, Li Jun touched his chest then rub it, but he did not pay it any mind.

After that, Li Jun went to the study, Gu Jiao stood in front of the door thinking if she should follow or not. This study in her memory was a very off-limit place because some of important things are there. Gu Jiao was in predicament follow or not to follow, would it be to much if he follow knowing that she was already threading on a thin ice with her relationship on her brother. 

Gu Jiao thought that it would be safe not to follow she have to gave some space to her brother and that place in still out of her reach yet. His bedroom was already a territory where she can go, this study maybe in the future where her brother would be able to trust her enough to let her in, she just have to be patient and let her relationship with Li Jun grow to that point.

As Gu Jiao turned to her room she remember what happen during her former life where she tried to go inside Li Jun’s study room to get some document that Gu Fan needed to sabotage a certain project which is handled by Li Jun, she was caught red handed by Li Jun’s people. She received punishment where she was send to a far off place for sometime, cards were frozen and any means to communicate to the outside was taken away making her like a prisoner where her freedom was taken off . Li Cheng and Li Wei looked at her like some thief on the road side making every staff in the main house wary of her it was both humiliating and degrading for her. 

Gu Jiao felt that she made the right choice, she thought that building trust is not just for one day to do there would still be another chance. Right now Li Jun’s trust was not yet that strong for her she will just let matter take it course.

Li Jun turn toward the door waiting if Gu Jiao would follow. When no one enter Li Jun’s eyes flashed a light he was a little bit disappointed. He frowned turning around he thinking that there were a lot of things which are very important here that needs to be guarded. He was still skeptical in trusting Gu Jiao although she was a child, he was still not sure if that woman have already make plans on making the little rabbit close to him. Seeing that Gu Jiao did not enter somehow make him feel both disappointed and relieve. 


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