Chapter 20


My little sister….

My little sister…

My little sister…

Wang Fang:” Did you just say sister?”

Li Jun: “Mm”

Wang Fang:”……” (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Did he just say something like him having a little sister?… When did he have a sister that was already eight years old! That’s bull anyone can see that this child in an illegitimate one and this is the first time Li Jun gave someone his undivided focus does he like this little sister?

Wang Fang:”…” (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Wang Fang: “Do you like your this sister of yours?”

Li Jun who was deep in thought didn’t really gave wang Fang any attention: “Mm”

Wang Fang: “…” Σ(゜Д゜;)

‘The male god Li Jun just agreed?’ double flip (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻…

Wang Fang was so curious what does this sister like that makes Li Jun give her importance. Look even him that grow up with him was given a cold shoulder. Truly unfair (┳Д┳)

Wang Fang: “Is she the daughter of that stepmother of yours?”

Li Jun: “Mm.”

Wang Fang: “Then aren’t she a thorn to your side that need to be remove?”

Li Jun who busy looking on the papers that was brought by old man Wang sat upright abruptly turned his head over, his gaze was extremely cold, with not an ounce of emotion making an early winter inside the room.

Wang Fang who’s ability to resist pressure in almost unmatched facing this Li Jun makes him covered in sweat and a chill run to his spine. A sense of danger was coming his way.

Wang Fang: “Hm… I… Then ahhh.. What if this sister brought you in a disadvantage and take you for granted with your favor or she take everything like the inheritance?” (’皿`;)

Li Jun: “If she wants it I’ll gave it to her. Then I’ll start my own company. I have confidence in my ability.”

Even if the direct descendant to the Wang Family were to go out and mix around, his status is still set in place, people won’t cut him off, he can live a good life as long as he’s not mentally retarded. Wang Fang is the heir-apparent to the Wang family, he possesses extraordinary knowledge, and his ability is not inferior to Li Jun. The Wang family came from the capital but due to some circumstances Wang Fang and his old man was in X city to assist Li Jun on his business. Wang Fang understood, the killing intent in his eyes dispersed:”I’m sorry for just now, I shot my mouth off.”

Li Jun: “There’s no need for this between friends, if you have anything to say in the future just say it, in the worst case scenario I’ll give you a beating.” 

Wang Fang: “…”Between bros, do you need to be so domineering? and pouted his mouth.

Li Jun continue what he was doing before the interruption.

Wang Fang also continued pestering Li Jun about his sister.

Wang Fang: “Ahmmm… Then when can I meet this little sister of yours? Is she cute or pretty? Obedient?”(⊙ꇴ⊙)

Wang Fang was like a shotgun that won’t stop questioning. He was curious to death about this sister that can make the expressionless god, Li Jun react like a possessive psycho just now hearing some threatening words for this little girl set him ablaze.

Li Jun ignore him and concentrated on working summer vacation is short and there are lots of things to prepare before going to school.


Li Jun who had returned very early went up the stairs to look for that little one, Gu Jiao who was currently fiddling with her new phone while lying on the bed, no matter how new it is to her it’s still an antique who was already in advance age and technology in her previous life, the screen isn’t big, it’s no fun to even play games and the games are still outdated and lacking in graphics, but after all this problems it was still carefully selected by her old man and was given to her as a gift, naturally it was what she wanted, and she loved it so much she would not put it down.

The evening sun shone on the child’s body, making the scene look extremely gentle and warm, because she was shaking her legs with her knees raised, a snow-white section was exposed, with a crystal-like shimmer, it was extremely beautiful. 

 Gu Jiao felt someone was looking at her turn her head to Li Jun’s direction. Seeing her brother leaning on the door frame of her room. She gave a smile to his big brother.

Gu Jiao: ” Welcome Home! Big brother!”

Li Jun was frozen receiving this kind of greeting makes him heart warm.

Li Jun: “En, I’m home.” with a slightly rising of his lips making look handsome.

Gu Jiao’s heart beat like drums, she couldn’t resist blinking her eyes, she seemed to look very pitiful. Making sure she didn’t see wrongly she rub her eyes. Did big brother just smile? (●Ω●;)

Seeing that dumbfounded look on Gu Jiao’s faces. Li Jun gave her a thorough look from her head down to her toes.

“It’s cold at night, take note to stay warm,”Li Jun’s condescending inspection plastered on the small face, her body was so pale and thin making him furrow his brow, why did her complexion had gotten worse? But the big eyes had more agility than usual, long eyelashes spread out like a fan, high nose, and thin lips, just like his dad. 

“From today on, you have to drink milk in the mornings and at night, I’m going for my routine body check up tomorrow, you go as well.” 

It was an affirmative sentence, and can’t be rejected╮(╯▽╰)╭Gu Jiao just nodded her head obediently, looking quite adorable and cute.

After getting Gu Jiao consent Li Jun immediately left. 

Gu Jiao just shrugged subconsciously, and continued familiarizing herself with the phone’s functions and downloading some games to play, she didn’t forget to send a text message to her father, expressing her gratitude. 


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