Chapter 2


Who’s shouting…? Why do as if someone is shaking me?

“Gu Jiao! Hey Hey Hey! My God! You… you… you… sleeping in my class! Hmp Gu Jiao! If you don’t wake up right now, let see if I don’t settle you.”

Class seemed like something from the far away past, like something a child would call in elementary where it’s a time to study?

“Gu Jiao~Gu Jiao!”

So loud! Can’t I even wallow in my pain and be at peace before I die who is this vengeful spirit that don’t want me to rest in peace. Gu Jiao felt agony as she sat up and opened her eyes.

“Li Jun! You bastard I already know I’m a sinful person can’t you even let me rest in peace!”

The scene she that greeted her was extremely strange. There was a long black board in front of her and it even had lectures written on it! She looked down to see a hand on a desk with a book and notebook where she was leaning to. It was all a de javu like it had happen a long time ago and she felt like her head would be in deep pain.. Gu Jiao rubbed her aching temples to ease her awful headache. Then she gazed into a pair of extremely angry eyes which cleared her head.

“teacher Su?” (゚ー゚; the confused Gu Jiao asked.

“Sooooooo you still know I’m you teacher Su?” (◣_◢) Teacher Su said slowly.

Whack! A load hit was heard. (⋋▂⋌)

Gu Jiao headaches double when she was hit by teacher Su. She guesses correctly she was in deep trouble.

“Who are you calling bastard!” (♯▼皿▼)

“Teacher Su can you whack me again I think I’m still dreaming!” (இ﹏இ’。) a tear run pitifully on young Gu Jiao’s face. Teacher Su upon seeing the small wide eyed face got stab of her conscience thinking she hit Gu Jiao too much.

“Hump! This child! Don’t sleep where still in the middle of the class yet your sleeping soundly aren’t you ashamed with your classmate! See me after class”

Then Teacher Su return to her lecture as she continue teaching the class.

“Shhhhh!!! You You You~You~are you okay?” ☜(‘o’) The class monitor asked me in a whisper. I just stared at her blankly.

“Are you a person or a ghost?”

“Did Teacher Su whack your head that hard? Ihhh so scary!”

“Class monitor I think I’m still dreaming?! Buhuhu…” Gu Jiao said as she think she dreaming of what happened to her a long time ago.

“Gu Jiao… you! You better behave and listen to teacher Su or else you’ll be hit again then maybe you’ll lost your memory then.” Then the class monitor return to listening in class.

Gu Jiao is still in a daze thinking this dream is so real that when teacher Su hit her, she felt the pain. It’s really painful though she thinks she’ll have a bump behind her head. Gu Jiao pinch herself to make sure she’s not dreaming… a groan escape from her… the class monitor then look at her with a rise eyebrow… as if asking what the heck are you doing? ರ_ರ .. she just smiled pitifully…Buhuhu… ╥﹏╥…. It really hurts..! Then she look at the window beside her dazedly. Seeing her crying face with snot running down her knows she smile slowly. ಥ◡ಥ She looks funny like a clown that can’t be differentiate whether she’s trying to cry or laugh.

Gu Jiao suddenly stop crying and narrowed her eyes (☉_☉) … D@mn! its real? Eh? She looks at the class that’s still going on. Then to her hands that’s turns smaller. then look down on her chest part Σ(☼Д☼) it is gone her mountains are gone! Where…. Where did they go?! Who?! Dared steal them! (ʘдʘ╬) …. Then recomposed herself thinking stupid no one can still them idiot! Wait feels like she knows what’s happening to her… did she just reincarnated??? (゜。゜) huh?! Is that even possible? (◎_◎;) Gu Jiao remain dazed looking at the front the entire time?

“Hey! Gu Jiao! Are you still alive? Class is already done what are you still doing looking at the board stupidly?”

“ehhhh?! Ohhh? Class monitor what’s the date today?”

“ehhh? Let’s see today it is oct. 10 of 20XX…”

“ohh!” Σ(꒪ȏ꒪)

Suddenly Gu Jiao stood up knocking her chair backward… “Class Monitor can you tell Teacher Su I’ll accept her punishment tomorrow there’s an emergency at home! I need to return immediately!” Gu Jiao didn’t even wait for the class monitor to reply she just dash outside sprinting along the way…

While on the road Gu Jiao remember that today is when her mother returns to take her away if her memory serves her right. When she got at the front of the house, she saw a fashionable car outside. She dazedly looks at it, remembering the happiness she felt from the past when she learned who’s the person that luxury car owner is. I guess it was understandable, a homeless child who had no parents for her mother to suddenly came back, who wouldn’t be happy? But now seeing it again her thought where chaotic.

As Gu Jiao entered the house, she saw her uncle talking was speaking uncomfortably with a very beautiful lady, this woman who did not have the air of a country bumpkin at all is Gu Fan, her supposedly remorseful mother. She could be considered unusual, beautiful, with an elegant temperament, the long floral dress fitted to her perfect body made her look even more gentle and generous, her decent way of speech made her seem like a well-bred girl, and not just a pretty girl from a humble family.

Seeing her for the first time after so many years of suffering from her rebirth Gu Jiao can’t catch up to her thoughts. As the door behind her makes a sound both adult look at her direction. Upon seeing her, Uncle Gu, stood up and got onto front of her.

Gu Jiao upon seeing her uncle lightly greeted him. Then her uncle ushered her to the living room and to the sofa. Facing that hateful woman. Gu Jiao tried to calm her self down as to not give herself away.

Gu Fan upong seeing her gave her a look from top to bottom. She gave a displeased look, seeing a withering bean sprout, thin and shriveled long dull hair, wearing faded came so fast then her face returns to normal. Then she gave her brother a disgusted look also seeing a laborer seating at the sofa beside the little girl, he had seemingly just left from work, his shoes were covered in mud….

Gu Fan fix her face and compose herself then prepared herself extending her hand hesitatingly to the small child, as if afraid of frightening her, before plunging to the child. She hugged the child tightly she spoke: “You……I am your mother.”

Her voice was cracking from crying, those who did not understand the situation would definitely think that Gu Fan was feeling so emotional that she could not control herself.

Gu Jiao raised his brows, got herself away from the woman’s embrace and take a look at the beautiful woman dazedly, she observed her immodestly. A sense of unhappiness flashed past Gu Fan’s eyes, and raised a sweet smile and called: “”Jiao’er! Jiao’er!” spreading her arms out, watching in anticipation.

Gu Jiao of today is not the same as the foolish one from the other lifetime, she is different very different, she back away looking to her uncle doubtfully saying:”Didn’t my mother die?”

The mask on Gu Fan cracked a little and she immediately held her mouth and cried, she looked at her disgusting brother Gu Lee, asking for help. If not for the fact that she needed him to coax this little brat, why else would she lower herself to come to this dilapidated house and lower her status to stay in the same room as him.

Uncle Gu gave Gu Jiao’s shoulder a pat, and sighed and said:”She’s your mother, my sister……” Pausing a bit and protruding his lips, as if in a deep thought before continuing:”Had her difficulties, in those years she would have casual sex after getting drunk and she was so afraid after getting pregnant before marriage that when she have you she nearly” her uncle paused again and cough.

“Jiao’er, you are still young, you don’t understand the problems of adults, don’t blame sister.”

Gu Jiao almost gave a snort in contempt thinking ‘do you want me to thank her as well?’ (¬▂¬)

How could these words be said in front of the little girl? Gu Fan was furious yet she did out lash out, she wanted to pull Jiao’s again, but didn’t expect for her to evade her, it seems that it may require some effort for her to curry favor with this little brat.

Gu Fan force a smile and said: “Nonsense! Jiao’er don’t listen to your uncle! Mother suffered bitterly alone but no matter how hard it is I will never abandon you again, before, your mother had no house, no savings, can’t even feed myself that’s why I had to leave you, I could only feel relieved putting you in the hold house, you’ve also grown up now, and you are a smart girl, you can understand mother’s hardships and pain right?”

Uncle Gu saw Gu Jiao furrow her brows, then look at his sister who abandon them for many years didn’t return even to their mothers funeral, thinking even though this sister of his abandoned them atleast she is here to bring some ease in his worry for Jiao’ers future. As long as Jiao’er can be provided with things and be financially stable in her study it is enough, sighing he said:” Jiao’er, you should go with your mother.”

Gu Fan had also striked while the iron was hot, her teary eyes sparkled:”Jiao’er, let’s not be separated anymore, ok? Mother is here now to take you away and give you a warm home. I’ll find your real father to talk so you could have a daddy! how about it?”

Sounds like a great idea, note the sarcasm ʅ(’◔౪◔)ʃ At what expense being your doll to sabotage and fight dad’s eldest son right and you escape got if needed be? You go die! (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Didn’t you know who’s Li Jun was. You had not even seen what kind of person he was, your head is so smart that it’s full of schemes, huh! it turned muddle headed thinking you can pass through big brother’s eyes! hehehe… you must be joking! ρ(‘-_-`●)

Gu Jiao thought in frustration, whether or not she was actually the reincarnation of a millennium idiot to follow this woman. (-公-)



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