Chapter 2 Part 2

No Beauty Part 2


Gu Yining suddenly got up and sat on the bed, looking at the flowery girl in front of her, she had a sense of familiarity, like already saw her before … 

She carefully thought back, finally, was she remembered, suddenly realized at the little servant girl in front of her: “I recognize you!” You’re the smelly girl who dragged me to get married!! “

Smelly girl? The servant girl expression momentarily clear  up like light rain, sighing she cried out at Gu Yining: “Miss, you do not even know me?” I’m Shi Yuan’er! “


Gu Yining recalled with enthusiasm, in the memory of the original lady, it seems that there really is such a person. 

“Oh!! It’s you!” Gu Yining pretended to be a stunned look. 

 “Miss, what’s wrong with you?” The child looked worriedly at Gu Yining, but the usual lady is not like this! Usually, Gu Yi Ning is gentle and indecisive, and now she seems to be completely different from the past. Could it be that… those people yesterday hit too hard, and hit the young lady silly? 

“You’ve all pushed me to the eight prince to get married, what else can I do?” Gu Yining holding the forehead, when she thought of the present situation, she felt despair.

“I am sorry, Miss, the Order of the Emperor, the eight prince personally came to propose marriage, to go against the imperial edict, indeed a great crime and will be beheaded!”

The child looked at Gu Yiningi in a distressed manner, and she certainly knew that the lady did not want to marry, and of course she was distressed, Miss, but in the face of such great power, f you violate it, you will only die.

“Forget it!” Gu Yijing waved his hand. “When you come out, you wait outside.I’ll be out in a minute. ” 

 “Miss, don’t you need my help me to take care of you?” Looking at Gu Yining timidly. 

 “No need…” Gu Yining walked to the dressing table and looked at her long hair, which suddenly fell down. “It’s strange!!”

 After the girl had combed her hair, Gu Yining walked out of the house in a careless way. 

“The Princess got up so early! “The familiar voice passed into Gu Yining’s ear, and she turned her body, sure enough! Mo Jian Chen!

“Eight Prince got up early, too! You were tired all night last night, weren’t you?”Guyi deliberately mocked.

 Mo Jian Chen eyes tighten, eyebrow slightly wrinkled: “What are you talking about?” “

Play the fool? Gu Yining licked her lips and opened the door directly: “The beautiful woman must be angry last night? Did you coax beautiful woman the whole night?” 

  “What beautiful woman? “Mo Jian Chen couldn’t understand what Gu Yining was saying.

“Jing Yage ah! Do you want me to make it so clear? “Gu Yining looked disdainfully at Mo Jian Chen,” Jinhuazhijiao hid, but also Bans? Hide what little Jing ah, just say it! I’m not a stingy person. ” To still conceal a golden house, no 300 silver taels not hidden here? Hide what little Jing ah, just say it! I’m not a stingy person. “

[no 300 silver taels not hidden here? =  to reveal what one intends to hide]

“You say, which eye have you seen this prince hide?” Mo Jian took Gu Yining’s hand and interrogated her.

“Then you should say, what did you do to Jing Yage last night?” Gu Yining asked. 

  Mo Jian Chen staring at the Gu Yining, a good eight princess, only passed through the door for day, is already so clever and eloquent

[Clever and eloquent – so articulate,  having the gift of the gab]

 “There was something happening in the Jinge Pavilion last night. I went to deal with it, but the woman you said, there is no such person.” Mo Jian Chen put down the hand of Gu Yining, he thought that marrying a Second Miss Gu would save a snack, did not expect this time actually married and brought back a big trouble.

“Hey! Are you fighting so early in the morning?”

The crisp male voice came from behind them, a fine young man, a bookish look, and the bangs in front of him covered one of his eyes, but it did not hinder his graceful face.

“Li Jun, what are you doing here?”Asked Mo Jian Chen, curiously.

“I heard that our eight princesses have gone through the door, and I came to see it specially.” Jun lips hooked up the corners of his mouth, and he had an indescribable scent on him, and smelled incredibly comfortable.

Jun went to Gu Yining’s side and introduced himself: “I am a doctor who grew up with the Eight Kings. My name is Li Jun.” 

His closeness made the fragrance more intense, and it was really fragrant… She had no time to pay attention to his self-introduction. 

“Eight princesses?” When Li Jun saw the appearance of Gu Yining, he called her.

“Ah?! “Gu Yining suddenly slowed down her action, looking at the teenager in front of him,” Hello! Fragrant Pear!”

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