Chapter 2 Part 1

No Beauty Part 1


 A warm breath rushed to Gu YiNing’s neck, and the man’s warm hand slowly faded away in her red wedding dress, a kiss like rain gently hit her.

“Wait!” Gu Yining stopped Mo Jian Chen, and the little hand was on his chest – in order to keep a certain distance from him. 

 “I am hungry, is it better to go eat something first?” Gu Yining was in a hurry, no matter what, today, this prince was not allowed to succeed. 

“It doesn’t hurt to eat later.” Mo Jian Chen took away her hand and was ready to continue the attack.

“Stop!!! “Gu Yining scratching frantically, and the little hand made a strange mess in her face:” We do this another day, I am not comfortable in the body … “

The big hand powerfully removed Her little hand, the deep pupil is filled with displeasure when she interrupted: “You don’t provoke this prince to be angry.” 

“I …” in front of him, Gu Yining was unexpectedly tongue-tied, what excuse is there? 

 Big aunt … Right! Come on, Big aunt  is the answer, can’t touch me! Gu Yining pathetic and looked at Mo Jian Chen: “I have …”

“Eight Prince! It’s not good! Jing Yage has an accident! ” Before Gu Yining finished, a burst of sound outside the door interrupted all the movements in the house.

Mo Jian Chen immediately got up and fixed the whole of their own clothes. He also did not turn his head to her: “You owe this prince this once, you best remember for this prince.” 

Looking at  back on the departing Mo Jian Chen, Gu Yi ning finally let out a sigh of relief, she turned to the door and severely made a grimace, imitating the appearance of Mo Jian Chen: “Also ‘ you owe this king once ‘, really think how good they are … Next time, blow you up your manliness!”

However… Gu Yi Ning walked thoughtfully to the table and grabbed a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake stuffed it into her mouth. Could it be possible that this is really a golden house? Is it really the same as the crossover novels she’s looking at? What, Jing Yage  could it be he still harbors a flowery girl that resemble the moon who is sickly that was hidden in the house? 

[金屋藏娇 = a golden house to keep one’s mistress (idiom); a magnificent house built for a beloved woman]

Thinking of this, Gu Yining couldn’t help but smile, and there was a glimmer of anticipation flashed in her eyes. If this is the case, how beautiful will the young lady be… 

Gu Yining bites the sweet-scented osmanthus cake while imagining The girl’s beauty of the fish and the wild goose. 

“Hey? This sweet-scented osmanthus cake tastes really good!” After Gu Yining finished eating a piece, he picked up a piece and stuffed it into her mouth. It was sweet but not greasy. It was purely natural without preservatives. If you can bring this to modern times, you can give it to the male God to taste it.”

The male god. When she thinks of the male god, Gu Yining was stunned, the heart was seems to be knock over by spoonful of cruelty, male god ah! The beautiful existence, but brought her so much pain, “Mo Chenghao, Mo Chenghao … who would have thought that, right? I fled in order to avoid the arranged marriage, the result ended to such a point …..” 

 After eating all the refreshments in the plate, Gu Yining contentedly returned to bed, holding the quilt gradually fell into a dream. 

 Unconsciously fell asleep until early morning, a gentle whisper such as a pair of ruthless hands ripped open her  dream. 

 “Miss, it’s time to get up.”

The body was shaken uncomfortably. Gu Yining shook off the hand on her body, she turned over to continue to fall asleep: “I have said so many times, have to knock the door before entering the room, , I’ll get up later!”

“Miss, it’s time to get up, the eight prince are waiting for you to eat breakfast together!” The gentle and unfamiliar voice made Gu Yining awakened from her dreams. 

Eight prince?! Miss?!

That’s right! She is no longer in the modern, that just called her, Could it be … a personal servant girl?!

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  1. Well it wasn’t as proactive as Sheherzade’s strategy, but all’s well that ends well. If she wants to avoid her ‘first night’, Gu Yining will probably have to escape during the day. I wonder what she’ll do, she most likely won’t succeed if this novel follows the patterns and conventions of most other silly romance novels.

    In one paragraph the male lead call himself “this prince” but when the protagonist quotes him next paragraph it’s “this king”, the term before translation was ‘benwang’ right? You should probably standardize what you translate it to.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Ben Wang, Wang Ye and this prince will be use… The part of this King was my mishap translating it… Thanks for your support… ❤️❤️❤️

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