Chapter 19


After the horrific breakfast of the family Gu Jiao started getting ready to attend her replacement classes that was arranged by her brother Li Jun.

When Gu Fan learned about it smoke of steam came out of her head, she was so angry her face distort out of shape…. ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

Poor mother she’s stressing herself out of nothing, your only making yourself ugly why not accept reality that Li Jun is Daddy’s favorite out of all… hehehe  it will make life easier… (-_☆)V

In the previous life Gu Fan was able to curry favour with Li Cheng, with her acting skills and hard effort to seduce him. But due to minor changes in situation away from the previous life guess that Gu Fan has a long way to go.

The Li Jun was truly love by Li Cheng one word from him and Gu Jiao was already enrolled for remedial and replacement classes. With the Li family  power and influences and being one of the best families in the city, with one word Li Cheng had already settled her into the remedial school.

When he received the notice that afternoon, Gu Jiao did not feel anything, she had already done schooling in the previous life this is an easy time like reviewing an 1+1 equation. The remedial school have some rich spoiled brats in there, they had no status at home. If she guesses right these spoiled brats where her classmate in the school in the previous life who needs to take remedial classes for all the kind of reason.

These brats when something happened, they all scattered one by one, and even went to the to her to mock, being good friends is just bullshit, they’ll only come to find you when there’s something they need from you, once you’ve lost your value, then there will be no more connection, and even get stepped on. Hump! Never again would she be used by these people! (#`皿’)


Inside the an office, Li Jun sat quietly, he held his chin with his arm thoughtfully.

Li Jun’s good friend and sworn brother Wang Fang was looking at him oddly. Wang Fang had gotten used to Li Jun’s cold demure and attitude, but he was particularly silent today: “Could it be that you’ve encountered any problems? That’s good news. It means your a human being too.”(= ̄▽ ̄=)V


He had actually answered honestly, Wang Fang narrowed his eyes, he wanted to show his concern but right then the his old man came over:”Li Jun, congratulations for obtaining yet another successful business venture.”

This old man of his is truly biased on praising Li Jun! But of course who said that he at his young age was able to accurately come up with a business proposal with a high success rate such a genius he really is out of this world. Wang Fang was lamenting in his mind.

He, Wang Fang was still above the IQ of his peers or way above or so but Wang Fang may not be in any kind against Li Jun, but such talent really makes one jealous.

The old man Wang just so happen have another favored  grandchild just happened to be the same age as Gu Jiao! Li Jun was suddenly interested in talking:”Old Man Wang, what should be done if a child’s height is below the minimum standard?”

The old man raised an eyebrow:”How old is the child?”


“Same as my grandson, you should take her to the hospital for a check up first, then listen to the doctor’s advice to improve her diet, supplement whatever is lacking, take note of her rest and mental health, drink more milk, and increase the amount of exercise adequately, all of these can help improve it.”

“So that’s how it is,” that little girl is way too thin and small, way below standards, she’s not developing properly, this information had been searched up by Li Jun on the net and some books regarding health at home, it’s incomplete, but it had already made him very uncomfortable. That woman only knows how to use her daughter to be able to get in the family and to strive for favour, if this goes on Gu Jiao will become crippled that little rabbit is really pitiful, what use is that to her if there really something happened to Gu Jiao?

Li Jun narrowed his eyes dangerously, he deepened his earlier decision more and more protecting that little bunny who doesn’t have any sense of danger is really a priority.

The old man did not leave, and was quite concerned:”How tall is the child you were talking about?”

“Don’t know.”

Eh, the old man furrowed  his brows and continued with another question:”What about her weight? Is her skin yellowing?”

Li Jun replied seriously and thoroughly based on his observations that young girl was way out malnourished for her own good. 

Looking at the two asking and answering back and forth, Wang Fang was at a loss, the atmosphere was too strange, the guy who swears by”silence is golden”actually had this part of him? Abnormal. Who is that kid actually? Some princess? Curiosity is the devil, Wang Fang developed a strong interest in the child’s identity.

Once his Grandfather left them after giving the some document to Li Jun, Wang Fang immediately asked:”Which family’s young miss had you taking a liking too?” 

“My little sister.” 


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