Chapter 18


Right after Gu Jiao fell asleep ……Li Jun opened his eyes, inside was a field of cold turning to the person beside him, his eyes have soften slightly with him realizing. 

What was Gu Jiao’s intention? What is she trying to do now? Why does she keeps on following around?

He quietly got out of bed, Li Jun turned on his computer, checking the surveillance record around the house, focusing on the third level, seeing Gu Fan knocking on Li Cheng door seeing some image where Gu Fan tried to seduce Li Cheng. 

This woman really is full of schemes, grandfather and father intended to let her clear her head and give her a chance to make her realize that she being an obedient madam would be better than a scheming woman like a woman in the harem, understand the limits, and stop vainly hoping for things that do not belong to her, however the woman was too clear about the weight in her hands, and sneaked into her husband’s room at night. Didn’t even check her own daughter if she is coping up in the new house!

After watching Li Jun turned off his computer, he walked to the side of the bed and sat down, quietly looked towards Gu Jiao’s small face and angelic face, she’s too thin for her age and undernourishment is visible, when he caught her under his arms he could feel some meat around the side of her waist but its not enough for her age. Thinking back on the situation Gu Jiao was in, Li Jun’s decision awhile ago was even firmer now.

He then lay beside Gu Jiao and slowly close his eyes.

Early the next morning, after Gu Jiao woke up she awkwardly realized that her current situation was a bit囧…

Two thin and skinny arms were pressed on top of brother’s abdomen, while brother’s big warm hands were coincidentally were warped around her small frame ! Eh, what is this position? ༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ

‘Why are position like this?! Eh, I’ll be detested big brother, I know I’m shameless but not this shameless(つд⊂).. buhuhu.., im dead this time really dead.! (T⌓T)

She quickly moved away mysteriously, pretending nothing had happened, she breathed a sigh of relief, Gu Jiao’s heart was beating madly, she secretly rejoiced, feeling complacent that Li Jun didn’t wake up yet.

Li Jun only opened his eyes now, the edge of his mouth curved up slightly, this child’s is too thin but soft and comfy……

Breakfast was again made by Gu Fan, she had probably woken up before the sky was bright, and busied herself for several hours, her intentions of currying favour were clear. 

seeing her like this Li Cheng had a complicated look, this new wife of his should have learned her lesson after their talk last night, from where she tried seducing him. 

Li Wei sat at the master’s seat and watched the “home wrecker” deliberately serving them to curry favour, and felt extremely uncomfortable, the child she had birthed previously was thrown to the countryside. He was so pissed that even his beard stood up, how could his son still marry her after knowing what she did.

Li Wei seeing Gu Fan rushing off one’s feet, moving like a rat making him dizzy. Li Wei humped coldly.

Hearing the sound Gu Fan had started to play the looking down and vexed trick again. Like a docile child that was wronged.

Li Cheng gave him a glance and sighed:”Dad! Gu Fan has already entered the doors, and even had a child, can’t you just accept her?” 

“Fine fine fine, I can’t control you,” When Li Wei stood up, he saw Gu Jiao also had her head lowered, slightly unhappy. His granddaughter such a cute child was left like garbage in the country side. This mother really is vicious did’ntt even provide financial care to her daughter! Look his granddaughter is too thin and look malnourished!

 The old man gave a glance to LI Cheng and Gu Fan then turned and left up the stairs, he even pushed away the steward who tried to help him, one could imagine how angry he is. 

Li Jun’s face was immensely cold as well, his thought was completely hidden to everyone. 

Silence ensued on the dining table.

Li Cheng seeing everyone like this was displeased:”Eat.” 

Gu Fan unexpectedly spoke:”Li Cheng I’m sorry, It’s my bad making father unhappy, I’m sorry I’m not good enough, I will work hard to improve myself I won’t make things hard for you.” 

“You’re not at fault,”Li Cheng sighed. He patted the woman’s hand, Li Cheng’s head ached: “Father he still…. Well do not worry father would ease up as long as your obedient and would listen he would be able to accept you, Father really just….”he’s too stubborn. When he’s free he can bring Gu Fan out to play, chat, and take walks to enhance their relationship, Li Cheng’s idea is very good as long as Gu Fan is obidient and turned a new leaf would be a sensible wife Li Cheng would make her the Madam and would let her live a rich and wealthy life.

Alas! If only Gu Fan do not covet the things that are not hers, her life would be rich! 

“I’m full,”Li Jun got up to leave. 

The eldest son had only moved his chopsticks, is he unhappy? Li Cheng made a wise guess and found several reasons, like he doesn’t want Gu Fan as his stepmother etc….

Li Cheng followed his eldest son up to talked to him.

Gu Fan smiled gently, but her hand was clenched tightly into fists under the table while her eyes flashed, this undying old bastard is not my opponent, but the small one is abominable!


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