Chapter 175

Li Jun was now cautiously observing the villa that is 100 metres away from him. He got out of his car.

He was surprise at first because the hideout was a normal residencial villa unlike the known common sense hideout like secluded warehouse.

He was observing and making a plan to get close to the villa without being seen.

Even though he was on doubt with this ‘hideout’ he can only be cautious and trust the tracker he put on Gu Jiao’s undergarments. This is the only lead he have to see his missing sister.

Li Jun glance on his phone again to make sure he was on the right place. Seeing the blinking dot on his mobile screen phone.

Li Jun cautiously went near the villa. He frowned when he saw no one standing guard near the ‘hideout’ or even patrolling the vicinity.

He thought that either this kidnappers are dumb or really smart. Right who would have thought that this villa is a hideout, a guard or patrolling guard would only make this humble bungalow villa suspicious if they did that or these kidnappers are just to confident that no one will discover there hiding place, hence the lack of security.

Li Jun try to find a detour to try to get on the side. He can’t openly approach the front so his only option is either the back or the side.

Looking around the vicinity he could see the other bungalow are every far apart from each other making this an upper class community. The rear side of the bungalow was a mountainous side that is full of grown trees.

Somehow he couldn’t think that the one who was inside are kidnappers that wants ransom. If they could afford this kind of state as there hideout then their motive is not money.

Li Jun is puzzled on what the kidnappers motive on kidnapping the Li family Mistress, young miss and young master.

Is it their families rival who were doing this? But for what purpose? Their family might be influential but the balance if power in S city is still there. And he couldn’t think of anyone who has a grudge on the Li family to do this.

But no matter what the reason he will make them pay for taking his sister away from him.

Li Jun confidentky went to the front of the house that is the neighbor of the ‘hideout’, he needed to this so it would appear he was from this community.

He knock on the door and waited for someone to open up. After a few more knock the door opened.

He knitted his brow together because the person who opened up the door was someone who he has seen somewhere. But as powerful as his memory is he couldn’t put the face of the person in any of the people he new.

Stranger: “Oh! Hello there young man? How may I help you?”

Li Jun instinct is telling him something is wrong with this person. This person smile is somewhat to friendly for him.

Li Jun froze on his place. He couldn’t move on his place. After a flitting second he race his arm to punch the man in front of him. He didn’t think twice and just follow his instinct that if he didn’t attack this man his life would be endanger.

But before he could even make any physical contact to the person. Li Jun felt a stinging pain on his neck and his knees gave out. Lying down he could feel he is losing his consciousness.

But before he close his eyes the man who opened the door on him crouch down and said.

Stranger: “Tsk! Such a hot blooded young man! I’m impressed by your instinct to discern danger in front of you. But sadly your to inexperienced to be my opponent.”

And that’s the last bit of sound Li Jun heard before he totally close his eyes.


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