Chapter 174

Wang Fang calmed himself. He knew he was already panicking right now. Lamenting and being sarcastic at the same time was just his way to divert some of his stress. But his heart already wants to get out of his chest because of nervousness.

Who wouldn’t be nervous in his place! His sworn brother is likely rushing to death while his sworn little sister is in danger.

Wang Fang tried to be calm as he can, he knew being rush and impulsive won’t help in the situation.

He took a deep breath and told Li Cheng about Li Jun’s rushing to the enemies fortress recklessly.

When Li Cheng learned that he immediately told Long Jie of what happen.

Li Cheng was in the military base he asked help to his friends for the kidnapping incident that happen awhile ago to his family.

Good thing Li Jun put a tracker on Gu Jiao so finding their hideout and where Gu Jiao, Li Qiang and Gu Fan is easy. But he needs a plan he couldn’t risk just going in there by himself. That would do more harm than good.

He also don’t know if this kidnapping incident is for ransom or for another reason. If it’s for ransom then that would be somehow manageable but if it’s for the latter, then he would need help.

He don’t want to make a able to his family’s safety so either way and no matter what reason the kidnapper have, he would use everything he got to make sure his family will be recovered safe and sound.

And he will make those kidnappers know who are they messing with. If he needs to use all his influence and wealth to make them pay he would.

Li Cheng’s blood is boiling inside but he made himself rational to make a sensible action.

But now hearing Wang Fang say that Li Jun was rushing recklessly. For the first time he wants to punch Li Jun on the gut!

All his restraint is in breaking points. Here he was trying his hardest not to make the situation even more chaotic. But that d@mn brat wants to make there whole plan in jeopardy.

Long Jie who has learned what his son did. Could only let out a sigh of helplessness. He hope that Li Jun won’t follow on his mistake. That mistakes has cost him his wife.

He could see how his friend, Li Cheng was trying to restraint himself on not rushing there to retrieve his whole family.

He can sympathize with him right now. He had went the same situation as he did right now but the only difference between them is that this he made a mistake in the past that cost a life but his friend was trying his hardest not to follow him and repeat the history.

But learning his son doing just the same thing he did in the past is kind of vexing, he don’t know how to comfort his friend, he couldn’t just say that everything will be alright. Because he sure as hell everything is not fine….

He just hope that Li Jun won’t do irreversible damage before they could reach the hideout.

Long Jie pat Li Cheng shoulder who was beside him. He look at Li Wei who was watching on the side. Long Jie gave a nod to Li Wei across him indicating prepare their plan in haste.

Even if their plan is not yet full proof with Li Jun as a variable that would just disrupt their plans. They’ll just leave everything in faith.

He just hope that know one would get hurt in the process.


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