Chapter 173

Wang Fang woke up, all he could see in front of him was the ceiling and a chandelier that makes him dazzle with their sparkling crystal glass.

He blink a few times and tried to think what was he doing sleeping on a hard floor because he could feel the hard and cold floor behind his back.

He tried to roll over to stand up but just as he makes a move he could feel that his body was in pain. He was aching all over. Wait! Right!? As if the pain woke him up totally. He remembered why he was on the floor…

That d@mn b@stard he really did him good. He even knock him out blue. D@mn Li Jun and his recklessness! Fudge and who told him to make him self a human shield to be Li Jun’s punching bag, now look he could feel his body hurting all over!

Wait! Why was his cheek hurting to?!

Wang Fang immediately stood up and went to find a mirror. When he look up at the toilet sink mirror he saw himself like a panda with a huge black spot on his one eye. (@_@)

Wang Fang: “……….”

Mirror: “………”

Wang Fang: “……….”

Wang Fang wants to vomit blood and flip a thousand tables….

Fudge you Li Jun?! What have you done to my handsome face! How is he going to get a girlfriend now if he looks like a panda with deficiency that only has one black eye spot! Why didn’t he also put some on his other side to make it balance! Fudge!

Wang Fang was sarcastically telling himself while rummaging on the cabinet looking for medicine he could apply to bruises.

He took of his clothes to inspect how severe his injuries are.

Wang Fang: “………”

Bruises: “……..”

Wang Fang: “……..”

Wang Fang now had ran out off sarcastic-ness to even speak.

Li Jun really really had done him good. Why did he become friends with him again. How blind was his young self to be friend with this lunatic.

Is he so lonely when he was young that he was able to tolerate Li Jun to this extent.

D@mnation!!! His body looks really poorly because of the big black bruise that is forming on his stomach.

Huh?! Li Jun you b@stard count every second of your life! After I’m done fixing myself a little bit I’ll go and call your little wifey to rant you out!

Wang Fang who was lamenting while putting some salve on his body suddenly came to halt. He remembered Gu Jiao, his body shook and his face paled. Right!

Gu Jiao, Li Qiang and her mother were kidnap! Fudge! How did he forgot why Li Jun was out of control!

Wang Fang suddenly remembered his friend who now he remembered should be rushing to where Gu Jiao is!

That reckless b@stard!

Wang Fang immediately find his phone to call his father and inform them of the situation.

But the phone just kept on ringing… Fudge! Why is this old man not answering his phone. This senile old man must have forgotten that he have put his phone on silent mode. Grrrr! Why do he have that kind of habit look they have some important situation that needs immediate action! 

F*cking old habits! He really did go senile! If something happen to that b@stard who was rushing to his death. Not only him, he would dragged this old man to the abyss with him.

And maybe he could apply for leniency, he could prove he tried his best on putting a stop on Li Jun’s reckless behavior. He has even proof all over his body and face! Well who told him to apply to be a human shield and try to prevent that monster on seeking death. Sh*t! Really there’s so much on making his own grave!

Wang Fang had ran out of patient and just then called Li Cheng. After a few ring Li Cheng answered the phone.

Good thing his uncle Li Cheng is not as senile as his old man!!! Hurray to that!

Wang Fang lamenting sarcastically.


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