Chapter 172

Gu Jiao tried to find there things like phone or anything that could help them contact anyone but as she figures there things were taken. Even jewelry are taken. So the kidnappers are really confident that they won’t be able to run away. Tsk! Gu Jiao clicked her tongue in annoyance.

Her mood is taking a turn 180 degree every minute. She thought about her brother Li Jun. Right she shouldn’t call him brother anymore right?

Gu Jiao who was thinking about Li Jun suddenly remembered a very important thing…

What did happen to her beloved Li Jun and her father!

She look around to find a clock, to know how long they were missing already.

Tsk! This kidnappers are really something even a clock was in a room. Are they going to torture us on letting us count on every second our life in danger. So cruel?!

The clocks big hand was at 4 and the small hand at 15 indicating that they were already missing for four hours…

What does her father and brother are doing right?

Are they worried were they already sending search parties for them?

They must be very worried and restless right now.

Gu Jiao was suddenly attack of unease, she remembered how worrywart and implusive Li Jun could be towards her.

Didn’t he become impulsive when he was having a meeting with well-known people but because of her mischievousness he abandoned everything and to just go get her.

If her father didn’t told her that she wouldn’t know how Li Jun treasure her so much than she expected even abandoning his future development.

She wish that he wouldn’t do anything impulsive this time. She couldn’t afford for him to get hurt.

Gu Jiao silently prayed while praying with all earnest. But the more she prayed for him to stay put, the more she could feel unease. She hope her father won’t let Li Jun be impulsive this time.

On contraries Gu Jiao prayers. Li Jun was now heading her way.

Li Jun was now driving crazily to where she is. Following the small red dot on the screen of his phone. Good thing he installed some tracker on Gu Jiao’s undergarment (bra).

He don’t know what possesses him to do that the only thing he thought that time is when his little sister would again got mischievous would definitely discard this that she knows could be track. So he thought why not put them on the things she wouldn’t just discard immediately or won’t have any clue that have tracker on.

Gu Jiao was a smart little girl and she knows her things where now have tracking devices even jewelries. But Li Jun was smarter so he thought why not her undergarments, she would definitely not think about that places and would be clueless.

Li Jun just thank the heaven that he just did that or else he would die from worrying helplessly where she is right now.

When he learned that she was no were to be found out they were kidnap he thought his life ended. His mind went blank only his Li Cheng’s call brought him up from the abyss.

Gu Jiao is the only light in his dark world he couldn’t afford to loose that light or he would go insane.

Just thinking about that small cowardly rabbit trembling from fear was enough to make his blood boiled for blood.

He won’t let anyone who hurt her go unscathed. So he hope that they know no to touch his small little rabbit even a single fur is missing is unforgivable!

Li Jun squint his eyes and step more on the gas making the car roared and run faster.

Meanwhile, somewhere a young man was stirring from a deep slumber.


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