Chapter 171

When the kidnappers left them.

Gu Jiao observed the a room. Her mother and brother were still sleeping and they were all tied by ropes.

Gu Jiao knitted her brows. Aren’t this kidnappers a bit stupid leaving her and her family in a nice and clean room without  them taking off her bind. Or isn’t she the stupid one of course they won’t untied her stupid her.

But still those kidnappers are stupid for them to left her some what freely to move around. Did they forget to tie her feet? Or are they too confident that they won’t be able to run away here.

Well, that another matter to think about she have to untie her mother and Li Qiang and wake them up first.

Gu Jiao then move closer to were Li Qiang is and nudge her brother, but after a few nudging Li Qiang is not even making a slightest moment. She got nervous and called him out in a whisper.

Gu Jiao: “Qiang’er wake up! Hey!?”

Gu Jiao saw him move but sadly Li Qiang didn’t open his eyes but just turned around and to find a much comfortable place to sleep.

Gu Jiao: “…….”

Gu Jiao was speechless this child! Can’t he sense they were in danger and still have the audacity to find a comfortable position to continue sleeping.

Gu Jiao wants to fume in anger but she tried to calm her self. Saying a mantra that Li Qiang is still a child and can’t do to much.

Then she went to her mother side. She nudge her and call Gu Fan in whisper to. After a few minutes of trying Gu Jiao was loosing hope with this two people she was with but fortunately her mother move.

Gu Jiao watch in anticipation. She saw Gu Fan move her eye lids and slowly fluttered them open.

Gu Jiao was overjoy at long last someone she could share the impending doom with.

Gu Fan woke up with a heavy feeling in her head. When her eyes adjusted to her surrounding she saw her daughter in front of her.

Gu Fan: “Jiao’er? What happened? Why does my head hurt?”

Gu Jiao: “Mom? We’re kidnap… Mom can you please help me untie my ropes.”

Gu Fan tried to get up but was still weak and couldn’t make it. Nothing was registering in her mind the only thing she knows was her daughter was asking help with some rope.

Gu Fan didn’t thought deeply and just fix the matter at hand. Come near me let me fondle with that tie your talking about.

When Gu Fan move and tried to rise her hands. She realize she was also tied down. Her headache even more but tried to think a better way to unrestrained them.

Gu Fan: “Untie me first.”

Gu Jiao move to her mother when Gu Fan roled to the other side facing away Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao did her best to untie her mother and taken her a few restless minutes before she was able to do that. It was hard doing this she can’t see but through perseverance she was able to free her at last.

When Gu Fan felt the rope loosen up after a long time. She slowly rose and untie Gu Jiao. Then Gu Jiao went to Li Qiang to untie him to.

Gu Fan: “What did you say happen again?” While massaging her temple. Her head was getting heavy every moment and her thoughts are all over the place. She can’t concentrate much.

Gu Jiao saw her mother pale face and her eyelids does look like they have a weight on them. Was she drugged? Oh right?! They use a cloth with a funny smell but she struggle and didn’t breath in the funny smell but she guess her mother is unlucky enough to breath in the drugs that is why she looks kind of groggy and not her normal self.

Now that she thought about it. This was the first time she was talking to her mother without pretense and was kind of normal? So it was the drugs working.

Gu Jiao: “Mom? Are you alright?”

Gu Fan: “No I feel my head hurts and kind of sleepy.”

Gu Jiao helplessly sighed guess she have to let her mother rest more or else nothing would help them if she force her to be awake. Her mother would be much of a help if she was like this.

After Gu Fan agreed lie down on the bed, she fell asleep fast. Gu Jiao glance at Li Qiang direction who was sleeping peacefully. Did they use the drug on Qiang’er too?

D@mn those b@stard?! Li Qiang was still a small child?! Her mother couldn’t even handle the drugs already how much more of Qiang’er.

Gu Jiao check him up but sadly Li Qiang was in a deep sleep.

Gu Jiao could just helplessly observe if there is something wrong. Seeing Li Qiang color is still just quite pale. She could somehow pit her mind to rest. She just hope nothing is wrong with him. She will just let him wake on his own maybe that would help him neutralize the drug.

Looking at the two who were sleeping beside her Gu Jiao was praying that help would come to them faster because she was really really scared.


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