Chapter 170

Recalling the events on what took place awhile before she woke up. Gu Jiao was sure they were kidnap.

Li Qiang who vanish out of thin air in the bushes was the first to be taken. Then her mother who was beside her and her as the last.

But she was puzzled who have a motive to take them. Was it there enemy? Business rival?

But those people are not vicious enough to do this right? Because the influence and the power in the S city was still kind of balance among the powerful family and Li Jun was still not in the picture who hoarded the power in S city.

So just who on Earth take them? And what was there motives?! And her ropes and the cloth in her eyes are really annoying she wants to shout. Now that she think about it. She could also feel something on her mouth. D@mn?! Don’t let it be a tape… When that thing was to be taken off it would hurt so effing much. This b@stard kidnappers doesn’t know how to take care of their hostages. How could even they get money if the hostages are killed even before they got the ransom.

Gu Jiao was lamenting in her heart to calm herself down but even before Gu Jiao could think more deeply. A sudden light blinded her sight. Then her vision quickly adjusted to see people in front of her that were wearing black ski mask all over their faces.

The kidnappers were surprise to see her awake and looking directly at them.

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes. The first thing she saw was quiet unexpected after after adjusting her eyes sight.

Ok she was expecting to have an eye to eye contact with her kidnappers. Seriously who would want to have an eye to eye contact with the people who could hurt you. These people’s eyes a scary while directly looking at her. It is as if one wrong move they will cut her neck.

Please forgave her for even insulting them in her heart awhile back she was just scared. Please don’t hurt her.

Gu Jiao stiffened in her place a sudden fear run over her whole body. It just suddenly sunk to her that this were all real and she was not dreaming, they were really kidnap.

And their lives are really in danger!

She immediately turned her eyes to the other direction. She doesn’t want to look at those scary anymore, if she look more she feels they will eat here any moment.

Huhuhu… She was scared… She wants to ask them why are they doing this? It is because of money? And who are the person behind this. But Gu Jiao lips trembled she cant even utter a word much less a whole sentence. She could feel her whole body is starting to tremble and she could even feel her blood leaving her faces.

The kidnappers saw Gu Jiao trembled in fright, her faces started paling miserably and her lips is starting to chatter.

The kidnappers just shrug, he don’t have time to baby sit this young miss there is still a ton of things he needs to do.

He reach out to Gu Jiao to take her inside a small bungalow. His other mates also brought their other hostages in.

Gu Jiao was place and the room she was place on the top of a queen size. She saw Li Qiang and her mother was also brought in and was laid down on the bed beside her.

She was surprise because far from her expectation the place they use as a hide out was a nice bungalow and it even has a soft and comfortable bed for their hostages. Isn’t that surprising?

Because in Gu Jiao’s logic they would be brought to a shabby empty warehouse as a base.

Well she couldn’t tell if these kidnappers were different from the rest of their kind because this was the first time she was kidnap. And she doesn’t want a repeat. Thank you. If ever she survive this calamity.

These kidnappers are quiet classy aren’t they or had she just watch to much drama’s on TV and her concept of kidnapping was far from real like this one. Maybe she should stop watching those things. Because they were quiet deceiving.

But still she was hoping that just like those TV dramas the heroine would come home safe and sound with her life intact. She would gladly accept and heroine role as long as she there will be a prince charming or a knight in shining armor that could take them away from here.


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