Chapter 17


Li Jun: “……”

Gu Jiao: “Uncle always does this, he will kiss a lot of times, when i make him happy or I did a good thing!”(≖ᴗ≖✿)

GU Jiao pretended like it was no big deal and it was only natural. But she was actually very happy at the sametime nervious, she was able to eat her big brothers tofu… fuhuhu…(ಡ艸ಡ)

Li Jun had a look of being overly startled and surprise, hahahahaha…… (✪ฺܫ✪ฺ)

This joke will last me this entire lifetime, too exciting, it turns out brother also has such a cute side of him, how interesting.

Li Jun felt disturbed like a little deer bumping wildly in his heart, seeing Gu Jiao return to her counting. Li Jun taught she was cute and adorable with her eyes that are shining see the money in her eyes. Seeing this Li Jun thinks its not so bad to have a little sister. The Li Jun continued doing his things.

Everyone thought that Li Jun will not like Gu Jiao with the situation and with her true identity, but he had already investigated everything early on. All related to this little bunny was already known to him even the things that Li Cheng and Butler Sheng he was able to collect. With Li Jun’s own people capability this is not impossible to achieve.

Knowing everything like Gu Jiao’s action and attitude after meeting her mother, Li Jun was sure that this little bunny was either dumb and innocent or very good at pretending not knowing what her mothers wants her to do, after returning to Gu Fan’s side, this woman started to instill some bad ideas into him, instructing the child to do bad things. Either way Li Jun knows that this little sister of his does not harbor any evil or malicious intent. And Gu Jiao originally had a good disposition. Thinking back on the situation when they first met, Li Jun made a decision.

Gu Jiao was so nervous she thought that Li Jun would get angry with what she did but to her surprise nothing happens. She cant offend her big brother and let her brother get used to her existence. Good thing her big brother tolerated her action it means she is making progress to her goals. Now she has to thread with her brothers bottom line as to not cross it in the future.

Gu Jiao thought of a very good idea she was already shameless then she just continue being so as long as her big brother male god would tolerate it. hehehe… then let’s continue being shameless. (^艸^)

Gu Jiao: ” Big brother can I sleep here again?”

Li Jun rise his brows in manner of asking why.

Gu Jiao think long and hard for a very good reason to sleep beside his brother: “I don’t want to be alone.”

Li Jun looked steadily at Gu Jiao for a moment. Li Jun fixed there position took the red pocket and money in Gu Jiao’s hand and place it to the bedside table near her, then he pulled the child gently to have a comfortable position, letting her rest her head on the pillow, then lightly pulled up the blanket, gave her a pat, then tucked in the edges of the blanket, only then did he feel assured and laid down on the other side. Li Jun thought a child like Gu Jiao are easily scared and that she was still new in this house.

Gu Jiao was left dumbfounded look(●Ω●;), it turns out, her brother has such an attentive side, what boring person, weren’t people just putting labels on him without understanding him! ∑(ΦдΦlll Such a good big brother lets give him a thousand likes! (●♡∀♡)

Moreover the light smell of this blanket smells very good, same as the smell on his brother such a nice smell, there is a cozy and comfortable feeling. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Gu Jiao who had played till her brains gave out to execute her plans really was extremely tired, she endured and spent all her energy. After waiting till the breathing of the person beside her had smoothened out, only did she dare to observe Li Jun’s perfect side profile, during the day he was cold as a sculpture, while at night he was peaceful as an angel. She secretly thought that it was no wonder that father likes him, who wouldn’t like him? After yawning a few times Gu Jiao fell deeply asleep. 


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