Chapter 169

Gu Jiao’s eyes fluttered open but everything she could see is darkness, she shut her eyes again. She tried her best to feel her surroundings. A few minutes before everything registered on her. She could feel pain all over her body especially her neck.

She tried to move her limbs but to her unease she couldn’t move any part.

She become restless and tried to force and struggle just to move her limbs. Her limbs feels really very heavy. But persevering to move her finger, she was able to grasp a little victory, her finger move a bolt of electricity then run through her body awaking her dull senses.

When she opened her eyes again only darkness can be seen, but now she could feel why. Something is blocking her eyes and she could feel her hands that was at her back were bounded by something.

She move her hands a little as if she was testing the water. The binds on her hand are not that tight and not that loose, she could tell that they were ropes.

Gu Jiao tried to remember what happened that she was like this. All she could remember was she was having there family picnic on the park.

She, Li Qiang and Li Jun were having fun playing dodge ball on the grass field of the picnic area.

But when they were enjoying their game her mother interrupted them and told Li Jun that Li Cheng was calling him.

Gu Jiao didn’t think about it to much and when Li Jun was gone. Her mother volunteered to play with them.

Gu Jiao was annoyed and was about to go back on their eating place when she saw Li Qiang expectant face to continue their interrupted game.

Gu Jiao could only smack her forehead in helplessness. She don’t want Li Qiang to feel the undercurrent between their mother and her. She just wants Li Qiang out of their battle.

Li Qiang is an innocent boy who in his eyes could only see his mother and his sister that is playing with him. He was so pure that he couldn’t sense the undercurrent battle between the family. In his child’s mind there is nothing wrong with his family. Li Jun, his brother who was living in the far way place was just getting along with their mother. The other complicated stuff was still to difficult for him to understand.

And the delicate relationship between his sister and mother is even more complicated. Because in his eyes, his sister and mother are just being ordinary mother and daughter who have some misunderstanding with each other. How much deep the ‘misunderstanding’ their relationship is, Li Qiang wouldn’t care about that. Because for him a misunderstanding is just a misunderstanding.

A Gu Jiao really want to clap how a child can be cruel without knowing. They were like angels with sickle of death in their hands. If your not careful enough you would die in their hands without knowing.

Gu Jiao look back to Li Jun’s direction to see that her father and Li Jun were so seriously discussing something. Her last call for hope crumbled.

So Gu Jiao could only resigned to her fate of playing the make-believe good relationship between her and Gu Fan.

They began playing so and it was Li Qiang turns to dodge the ball and her and Gu Fan to throw it. Gu Fan has the ball and throw it poorly to the different direction. Li Qiang run after it.

Watching the ball miserably got to the shrub area of the park. Gu Jiao got worried that Li Qiang would get lost. She and Gu Fan went to trotted behind him.

When they reach the scrub area, Gu Jiao was puzzled, she couldn’t see Li Qiang, who just recently went behind the lush green leaves.

Gu Jiao suddenly heard Gu Fans moan beside her and before she even could turn around in her direction.

Her vision went dark and she smelled something that makes her consciousness heavy. She instinctively held her breath and struggle. Then she felt a stinging pain on her neck. Then her vision totally went dark.


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