Chapter 168

After Wang Fang lost consciousness, the three middle age men then move on to their topic of discussion. they didn’t mind the unconscious Wang Fang on the sofa.

Long Jie: “Brother Cheng looks like we will have to celebrate our early union.”

Li Cheng face turned ugly when he heard his friends words. 

He may have agreed on this engagement hastily. Maybe he have to think this thoroughly when he got home and talk this about to his wife and his father. Right?! He forgot to tell this important matter to Gu Fan! 

Li Cheng’s eyes narrowed. How is he going to explain this to Gu Fan. He really can’t tell yet about Li Jun’s identity until truly is safe. He hope his wife could forgive him for keeping a big secret like this…

Li Cheng: “My friend isn’t to early for them to have this kind of intimacy. Gu Jiao is still under age. I fear that when she got older and saw the outside world and would find someone else wouldn’t they be just hurting each other then?”

Long Jie fell in silence, his friend statement is not without reason, and he was right Gu Jiao is still to young for this. He may want to have a grandchild but not to the spent of anyone’s health.

Long Jie: “Should we limit their contact to each other?”

Li Cheng: “How are we going to do that?”

Long Jie: “Well, it was also high time to reclaim Li Jun identity. I will take him then and let him live with me. I also need to train him by the way.”

Li Cheng: “Train him? In what way?”

Long Jie: “Well I’m thinking of letting him also join the military, after all our brother Feng son, his friend is also going, let this two you men be trained together.”

Wang Feng narrowed his eyes, he let his son join in the military to get him away from Li Jun for some time to toughen up! He really can’t say this to his friend right! Or else he would have to say the reason that he was doubting Wang Fangs gender preference. Right?

Wang Feng lips straightened in to a thin line. He could only nod in agreement to Long Jie’s plan. He will just use some tricks to break the two apart when their in the camp.

Li Cheng: “When are you planning to do that?”

Long Jie: “Hmmm… Your going home to S city right? After that then I will have a talk with Li Jun.”

Li Cheng nod in agreement. That’s fair enough then he could say this big secret to his wife when they went home to S City to prepare for the necessary things.

Right now that he remember they have a family picnic in a few days. Maybe he could let them enjoy and have some more family bonding before Li Jun go to his really family.

They won’t be able to meet him much especially if his friend really planned for Li Jun to join the military as a student cadet he won’t be able to have much privilege for visitation or he won’t be able to go out of the camp. The military have a very strict rule regarding this.

He could imagine now how his daughter, Gu Jiao would be very sad regarding this. She was after all so close to Li Jun.

Li Cheng: “Gu Jiao would be sad about this.”

Long Jie: “Well we only can do so much. Li Jun have to be trained for also his own safety. We also went to this kind of training. It will also test their love for each other, time will tell then what the future holds for them.”


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