Chapter 167

Wang Feng couldn’t believe what he was hearing on the video. He needs to make sure!

Wang Feng: “Were you the one who took the video?”

Wang Fang was puzzled but nodded anyway, of course it was him, who else would it be.

Wang Feng: “So the one who was crying out loud on the background is you?”

Wang Fang heartbeat suddenly became a flat line. Fykd why did he forgot about that?!!! He wants to flip table!!! And also do a double flip while saying….. Uwisnzbxhxismsbzis!!!

Wang Fang curse himself for being stupid! Why did he forget to mute the video! He don’t need the sound on the background just the images!!! Aksixuebdudown!!!

Such stupidity would definitely make him get killed! Sksiduebej!!!

It was even heard by his father… He could feel it his father is definitely misunderstanding something!!! Kaksxidhehxu!!!

Wang Feng: “What are you crying for?”

Wang Fang immediately tried to make excuses..

Wang Fang: “Mo… Movie… Li… Li Jun…”

But sadly as he saw his father ugly faces Wang Fang got so scared that his words were twisted to silence and only occasional words were recognizable.

And those words even brought more doomed on him. Because Wang Feng could only hear the name Li Jun out of his gibberish.

Was his son crying because he saw Li Jun kissing another woman! So he really like Li Jun! To cry out like there’s no tomorrow!

Demn! He should straighten him out before he is too late!

Wang Fang who fail to explain could only shake his head side to side in denial. He could even read what his father thinking about. It feels like he had suddenly gotten a telepathy on what his father thoughts.

His father was definitely thinking he was gay! Aksocjeneis!

Does making you cry on a tragic movie makes you a lesser man! He don’t believe that! He wants to triple the flipping table stunts to this injustice.

He could even guess what punishments awaits him. Fudge! He is not gay?! He like woman! With big breast, nice curve, and he definitely even enjoy VR rated-18 games ok… He was even watching porn and his little buddy was definitely reacting to woman’s body! Aksocudube!

Wang Fang sadly couldn’t say those things out loud, he was frozen to fear. When he felt his limbs again he quickly stood up and tried his best to explain.

Wang Feng did even let Wang Fang said one more word or he would be the one who will have a heart attack.

Wang Feng: ” Your joining the military!?!”

Wang Fang was given the shock for his life. Even though he knew that his father would definitely let him join the military. It was still different from hearing him for real.

Wang Fang imagination was running wild he could picture himself doing the tiring drill, waking up early, and those spartan training.

Wang Fang could feel his lazy lifestyle waving goodbye on him.

No!!!! This can’t be!!!! And because of too much shock Wang Fang head suddenly turned dizzy and his limbs went limp, he was catch by the coach on his back. Wang Fang lost his consciousness.

Long Jie and Li Cheng were taken by surprise and were amuse at the sudden turn of events happening in front of them. They look at each other and shrug. Hey! They won’t meddle to other people’s family matter even if it was their sworn brother’s family, unless, otherwise if it was necessary and life threatening. But they don’t see it was dangerous and they think Wang Fang is being discipline by his father although they’re not sure why he was being discipline though.

So even though they don’t clearly understand what happened between the two, father and son, Long Jie and Li Cheng continued on their own respective thoughts.


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