Chapter 166

Long Jie then proceeded for their main purpose of being here.

Long Jie: “So Wang Fang what is the thing you need to report regarding Li Jun.”

Wang Fang who was still busy crying in his heart have a sudden heart attack. His heart stop beating for a few second.

His mind went blank, then slowly recalled the purpose of his journey here.

Fykd! Now as the things they were discussing sank in on his brain. Wang Fang really wants to cry this time but he lack the tears.

What was the purpose of him being here by the way. Now that he knows Li Jun’s really origin.

Wouldn’t he just be a laughing stock in front of this three old geezers if he reported the things he discover?

And based and Li Jun’s and Gu Jiao’s relationship he could assumed that they are to be engaged in the future.

Or aren’t they engage already?

Wang Fang: “Hummmm uncles I just want to know. Were Li Jun and Gu Jiao betrothed to each other?”

Wang Fang choke on his words while asking. Because he could feel it, he would really be clown after hearing the answer. He have strong premonition on this kind of things were he really will be digging his own grave. Can this premonition be in use on other things other than feeling his own impending death. Really that would help him a lot.

Wang Feng narrowed his eyes?! His son choke on the word betrothed! Did he really like Li Jun? Is he gay?! No that can’t be maybe he like Gu Jiao that is why he was choking and not Li Jun. Wang Feng was being hopeful.

Long Jie nodded his head as an answer. Wang Fang face turned ugly.

Long Jie grew serious seeing the ugly expression on Wang Fang faces. Did something happen between Li Jun and Gu Jiao? For Wang Fang to be in this predicament?

Long Jie grew impatient and quickly ask.

Long Jie: “So Wang Fang what was it?”

Wang Fang who has lost all hope on salvaging his face and impending doom on his devil of a friend. If by chance Li Jun knows that he had tattletale his rendezvous with Gu Jiao to the elders… Just thinking about it gives him the creeps.

Sadly, he made the choice on going here with such resoluteness but that resoluteness is unnecessary after all. And if he tried to hide this thing, this three gentlemen would definitely held him captive and won’t let him go until he spill the beans out of the bag.

Wang Fang who as always with the impending doom to both sides just did his usual technique to quickly save himself in the first situation and think of an escape plan to the second situation later. If it comes to worse he would just suck up to Gu Jiao to salvage his bones.

So Wang Fang gave the flash drive to Long Jie. When Wang Fang felt that the hot potato was taken away he quickly prayed from his heart to have a soul intact when Li Jun hunts him down.

Long Jie got up to get a laptop. Then he quickly inserted the flash drive and ay the video. It was the only file on the flash drive after all.

As the video went on. Li Cheng and Wang Feng who are watching intently  had turned ugly as the video progress.

Long Jie even whistled when he saw his son kiss little Jiao’er.

Wang Fang who was watching them become nervous. His uncle Long Jie is happy he could even make a whistle. But the two others he don’t get them.

Maybe he could get Uncle Li Cheng expression because after all he was Gu Jiao’s father and seeing his daughter being eaten even if its Li Jun would be a little vexing.

But why does his father also have an ugly expression?


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