Chapter 165

… Long Jie was a little puzzled first it was Gu Jiao and it was Wang Fang. Now he was having doubt. When Li Jun saw him in the meeting room for the first time since the accident he thought that he was just being careful. And didn’t recognize him intentionally.

Did Li Jun forgot about him? And really thought Li Cheng as his biological father?

Long Jie: “So even to you Li Jun didn’t told you anything regarding his really parents?”

Wang Fang: “Even to me?”

Long Jie: “Gu Jiao didn’t know too and just happen to know it recently.”

Wang Fang: “Eh?! Li Jun may keep it from me. But he don’t keep secrets like this to Gu Jiao?!”

Long Jie: “Thought so, after all me and my son have the same approach to our love interest no keeping of secrets. Based on the reports I receive.”

The four people just went silent for a while. Then Li Cheng broke the silence.

Li Cheng: “Didn’t Li Jun forget about you after all he was still a child since you two have not bonded since after that incident. And the last time you saw each other was before the accident and since then you didn’t try to approach him for fear of the other finding him.”

Wang Fang: “Uncle that can’t happen Li Jun have a very good memory cause he can clearly remember the things we did when we were young. I know cause he could clearly remember people, our teachers, even our classmates, everyone of them I tell you, he have a very good memory.” So good that he was suffering from it.

Wang Fang argued to them he wants to tell them how Li Jun could even remember the slightest mistake of him ignoring him when they first met. That man can definitely hold a grudge and won’t forget the tiniest detail of it.

Long Jie: “Then why do it seems like Li Jun don’t know me.”

Silence was again rest among them.

Long Jie: “Alright we won’t make any progress on this. The only one who can answer our questions is Li Jun himself. Wang Fang you should try to thread if he knows or not. Could you do that?”

Wang Fang sweat out coldly. Why does he feel that he would dig another grave for his bone if he ever agreed on this.

Before Wang Fang could even voice out his disagreement. He caught his fathers serious gaze. He felt like if he ever say no to his father sworn brother and master he would dig the grave even more deeper.

Wang Fang felt so bullied. He was not a lackey, ok?! He was the young master of the Wang Family, a successful businessman at a young age. And a sworn brother to a devil genius?!

But why does he feels so small in front of this three gentlemen.

As he observe them Wang Fang admitted in his heart that he was really just a puny lackey for them. Because the three gentlemen in front of him aren’t just anyone.

Gu Jiao’s father Li Cheng, the economic ruler of S City. Adoptive parents of that demon Li Jun.

His father, Marshal Wang Feng. The holder of the military power of this country, and did he already say he was his father who he can’t disobey. Because he felt like if he disobey this military camp will be his prison.

Lastly, Long Jie is the Prime Minister of the country, the heir to the sole empire where the Wang and the Li family are under, lastly the father of his evil sworn brother.

Up he was definitely a lackey for this three gentlemen. What a happy life he lives.

Wang Fang with tears agreed and was preparing to dig his grave later after this talk.


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