Chapter 164

Long Jie who was sitting on the chair in front of the constipated Wang Fang was a little confused regarding the two people with him.

The Younger Wang was changing colors and facial expressions at first. Then his friend beside him, Elder Wang suddenly also became weird.

Is this a trait that runs on their family? He knows his friend since he was young along with Li Cheng they were sworn brothers. But he never knew that the Wang Family has this kind of traits?

This was the first time he was seeing this it was kind of amusing and funny.

Long Jie who reach his limit let out a humorous laugh.

Wang Fang was woken up to his nightmare. He was shock! That was not Li Jun in front of him! It was someone else! Now that he looks closely the one that was sitting in front of him is as old as his father and he gives a vibe that you can easily approach him and he feels refreshing. While his friend, Li Jun with his honest opinion is as cold as ice!

Li Jun gives the feeling of can’t be approach or I’ll bite. He just change to a puppy when Gu Jiao is there. But in front of other people Li Jun won’t even lift his lips even an inch.

And the man in front of him definitely looks like his friend like the older version of him in a few more years.

Long Jie stood up and flick his fingers to wake up the two others on the reverie. When he got their attention he instruct them to sit on the sofa.

Wang Fang robotic-ally followed the instruction the same goes for Wang Feng. 

When everyone had taken there sits. Long Jie started the pressing matters that they had to discuss. Based on Wang Feng his son has something to report regarding Li Jun.

Long Jie: “So Wang Fang did something unusual to Li Jun?”

Wang Fang who was in a mess right now, do not know how to answer.

Wang Fang: “Who the heck are you?! Why do you look so much like Li Jun more than uncle Li Cheng?!”

Wang Feng and Long Jie were surprise by Wang Fangs sudden questioning. They look at each other puzzled.

Before they could even answer, there was a knock on the door and Li Cheng went in.

Li Cheng was surprised by the looks on their faces. The awkwardness and puzzlement  that was shown to their faces are kind of funny.

Long Jie gave a nod as greeting, when Li Cheng has taken a sit, Long Jie returned his attention to Wang Fang and answered.

Long Jie: “I’m the Prime Minister don’t you see me on the news and TV? And I’m Li Jun’s biological father. Didn’t he told you that?”

Wang Fang: “……..”

What was he even doing here again? He was here to make a report right? Not to be blundered by some ‘hot potato’? And Prime Minister?!!! Fudge right his face looks the same as the one on the family picture in their family house?! Fudge he was the sworn brother that his father talking about?! Fudge?! Why didn’t he even took notice Li Jun and The Prime Ministers similarity?! Fudge?! He won’t even think about them being father and son if he didn’t see the Prime Minister serious as hell look like Li Jun. They look so different, the Prime Minister keep on smiling were Li Jun is not and they have a different kind of temperament, would Li Jun look like that to if he smile?

And that Li Jun didn’t even share this important information to him?! Him his sworn brother?! Sworn brother your family?! How am I even his sworn brother if he didn’t even know his real biological father?! Seriously? Was he not trust worthy on knowing this kind of secret?!

Wang Fang was lamenting on and on in his heart. Continually blaming Li Jun for being to secretive. He can’t even think straight on the things he had suddenly known.


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