Chapter 163

Wang Fang was now in front of the military base. Every time he went here to visit his father he will have a very bad case of jitters.

He felt that if he will enter those gates his life would be suck in and he will never be able to come out.

Wang Fang took a deep breath and ushered his car inside. He slow down when he approach the guards stationed at the gate.

The guards on duty recognized Wang Fangs car gave him a salute. Wang Fang took down his window and returned their salute then made his way inside.

The base was in tranquility but Wang Fang knows any minute now he would here people who are either exercising or people doing their parade march.

When he could hear people with unified footsteps and a loud command being issued, he know he was very near to his destination.

When Wang Fang find a parking space. When he was able to park, he settled their for a few minutes before getting out of his car.

‘Wang Fang don’t be a coward although you are afraid of Li Jun your friends future is at stake.’

Wang Fang encouraged himself and when he was ready he took a step forward towards the building.

He reach his father’s office door.

‘Wang Fang this is it! Once you knock on that door… You should be prepared to loose your relationship to Li Jun’

Wang Fang was preparing his self. But as he do so, he felt that he sound so gay. He shuddered at the thought. Maybe after this he should really find a girlfriend.

Maybe she would be able to distract him and relieve his boring life when Li Jun decide to throw him away.

Wang Fang reach out his hand and knock. When he heard the sound of permission he turned the knob and open the door.

He was momentarily blinded by the light. Then his sight slowly adjusted to his surrounding.

When he saw who was sitting on the chair behind the desk.

Wang Fang was frozen in his place his heart stop beating. His face was loosing color very fast until he became as white as a paper.

He don’t know why but Li Jun is here. Was he caught? But he made sure that no one knows it? And seriously does Li Jun have the mind reading ability?

Because he could feel it every time he was doing something that concerns him, he could easy pinpoint that it his no matter how much careful he became.

Do he need to kneel now before his friend could even makes his move.

After all admitting to ones mistake by himself could maybe buy him leniency. And maybe Li Jun would leave his corpse intact for a proper funeral service.

Wang Fang thought had already run a thousand time in a million scenarios of his impending death.

Wang Fang didn’t notice his father who was standing beside ‘Li Jun’.

Father Wang rise his eyebrow puzzle why was his son has stood frozen for exactly a minute now.

And he has a weird facial expressions that turns from white, to green, to purple, and to white again.

Did he ate something spoiled that now he was having constipation. He was also sweating really hard. Tsk this son of his is really have no restraint eating anything he wants. Maybe he should let him join the military for him to have some self discipline and self control.

He was a real worry for his heart his younger brother is pretty decent even bringing home a beautiful daughter in-law.

Wait now that he thinks about it his son haven’t bring any lady for the family to meet.

Is he gay? He also always stick to the young master Li Jun?

Father Wang thoughts also run a thousand miles away.

The father and son duo became anxious form their own making.


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